25 thoughts on “KEEPING AN EYE

  1. You are a brave man Wayne. I have never been that close to a bear even when I was a child and we would go to the local dump to watch the bears eat the garbage. They were still pretty far away. Awesome photos.

    1. remember I’m about 20 feet off shore and the bear is walking along the shore line. If a bear showed too much fear because of my presence It would simply of turned and walked into the forest.

      1. Are you sitting in a sheltered type spot, like trees around you to kind of make a blind. Or is it more out in the open. Do they ever start coming towards you?

      2. I’m sitting in my Zodiac usually 10 or 20 feet off shore. I am in sheltered bays sometimes but mostly shore line. Inland ocean passages.
        I watch which way they are walking. It’s either left to right or right to left. I steer my boat so that I’m ahead of them and wait for them to walk past. So yes they do walk towards me. The key is not to move when they look at me (If it’s a bear that doesn’t know me). If I move it might spook the bear and then it would take off into the forest. If it’s a bear that knows me that presents another problem as they almost never seem to look at me and a wildlife photographer always has to be able to see the eyes!

      3. Yes, the eyes are what makes it, you have a challenge either way and your skill shows in your beautiful photographs. I just love them. Thank you Wayne, have a wonderful evening. :)

      1. OK, well we just have to guess then. Guess the conditions won’t be right for you to see as you’d be in the boat, so too far away even with a longer lens.

    1. only if they have a credit card………..no. All animals try hard not to fight as they know fighting means they could be injured or killed. In my situation it would simply walk away back into the forest.

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