I found two bears tonight. I recognized this bear as one I’ve called “Big Bart”. He’s been around for a few years. He’s shy but tolerates me.

Because of there being no Bear Watching boats zipping around, the bears appear to be more skittish.

I think they get accustomed to boats being around when the bear watching boats are out. Because of this virus the boats haven’t been out this year,so the bears have gotten use to silence making it more difficult for me to get close. Fortunately many of them already know me!

42 thoughts on “BIG BART

  1. That is one humongous bear there. I like his name you gave to him. That makes sense he’d be skittish if no one else is around. He probably sees you from afar and says “what is this guy doing here – salmon season doesn’t start for a little while yet?!”

      1. They might recognize the boat – you have said in your posts that you stand up to get a better view of the bears and maybe sea lions and harbor seals as well. Perhaps when you stand up they get a better look at you too, so recognize you.

      1. most of the bears I’ve encountered are fearful of me. Just watch the ears,they’ll flatten initially but will come back up when they realize your not a threat. If they stay down back away.

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