Here a few cute cubs to make you smile and go awwwwwwwwwwww!

I’ve taken pictures of hundreds of bears over 40 years! Each one is a unique memory and picture! When I’m close and I stare into their eyes and theirs into mine,I feel there is more there than we are aware of.

117 thoughts on “CRAZY CUTE CUBS

    1. thank you Anne!
      I was scared as a child by bears.My two older brothers and father went on a camping trip up into the wilds of Quebec,Black river.
      They stayed in a relatives cabin. A bear tried to get in but couldn’t. They showed the clawing on the outside next morning! That scared me silly!
      Ever since then I have tried to overcome my fears. I now can walk among them!

      1. Yes, I believe you’re right about that. I’ve read that there were many bears here in the early 1800s but they were heavily hunted as a source of food for early settlers.

      1. When Darwin studied the Galapagos he noticed that each of the thirteen island had a unique gene pool. So the birds on each became different even though they were the same species.
        Same thing here. Its because of the island and how it isolates a species. (Kodiak Island with the Kodiak’s for instance)
        Specifically,Vancouver Island bears are slightly smaller,have a black mussel,blonde moustaches and purple gums.
        Mainland bears have a brown mussel and are larger more aggressive then their furry cousins.

    1. well,…….when they are young the face hasn’t changed very much,so yes they do look the same. As they grow older their face will change.
      To me because I know them they all look very different. If you were exposed to them many times you’d be able to pick out the subtle differences too Noelle.

    1. I agree Terri! Each time I go out on a photo shoot the world disappears behind me! It’s only me and Nature! It helps ground me!
      Next cute cub I find I’ll name it after you Terri. That way your heart will stay buoyed during these dark times.

  1. Oh Wayne – yes, I am melting over these pictures of the cutie pies and indeed going awwwwwwwwwwww! I went right to your blog site and as I scrolled down, I kept smiling, from the trio up top in the site header image, to the sleepy baby in the next picture, then the pink-nosed wee cub that was after that. After little “Pink-Nose” that next cub looks at you in a similar pose to one with Piglet II last year or the year before. I am sure I commented that is was a rather coy pose at the time. The cub with the little white marks on its front … I wonder if it is related to the bear you saw last year and showed us in a blog post – was it a star-shaped white mark that bear had? I recall the photo in my mind. What a great afternoon or early evening you had here with your furry friends. :)

    1. the bear with that white marking is “Arrow”. His mother is “Bella”. I like seeing a cub with a marking as I’ll be able to recognize them quickly at a distance.
      I’m still on the look out for another Sow with triplets or quads!!

      1. OK, I forgot the names of “Bella” and “Arrow” – I remember the pictures of the distinguishing white – I was surprised a pure black bear would have white markings and you pointed it out as well as them having the reddish/brown tinge to their fur sometimes too. The one cub reminded me of one of the Piglet pictures – had to be the second Piglet as I was not following you when Piglet I was just a young cub. That same look at you. Wonder and fascination. :) Think big – quads or the quints like the story on the news recently!

      2. I’ll bet Piglet will remember you Wayne and convey to her cub that you are “okay” or “safe” and you’ll get a chance to see it up close like you did with Peggy and Piglet.

      3. Well, you are the one to do it – I am sure the moms give some sort of signal or just convey by not showing any nervousness when you are around. You had great pictures of Piglet I and Piglet II. I remember looking back at the original posts since I was late to the “Piglet Awww how cute Party”.

      4. the Sows become familiar with me. They realize I’m not a threat. The cubs however are almost always scared. They hide on the other side of their mother. It’s hard to get shots of the furry little buggers sometimes!

      5. Oh, see I thought they would take their cue from their moms. The trio really made your day then! And the sleepy cub felt comfortable enough to leave its siblings and mom and snooze while you were there.

      6. the cub usually runs off into the forest for awhile and than it’s mother will grunt a few times and it will come running back out. I try not to move when it’s looking at me.

      7. I keep forgetting that you would be bigger than the cubs are, so perhaps they would be scared. They should only know that you are kind and gentle to all critters.

      1. depends…… well I know the Sow? Usually 40 feet but a cub once bounded over to my boat bow and thats about 8 feet.
        The secret is to use a boat. If you approach them on land they run away but they stay If you approach by boat!

      2. Wow that’s REALLY close, I would have never guessed about the boat. It’s interesting how in many indigenous stories the bear was seen as a transformed human that was a close intimate of humans. The Shamans and animist believe that the bear is a powerful totem or spirit and when seen in people’s dreams, the animals are seen to be the guides from the spirits. People tend to emulate the virtue of the female bear because it is admirable seeing her protect her cub and their claws and teeth are used as amulets, decorations and talismans so as to stir up the powers of the bear. Bear symbols and tattoos also tend to serve similar functions. Anyway, thanks for sharing your beautiful work and for answering my question!! :)

      3. you grew up with dogs like everyone one. Because you’ve become familiar with their body language over many many years (and probably like everyone else as well…..have been bitten) you know WHEN NOT to approach or pet a strange dog.

        Same thing with bears or any animal for that matter. If a bear is nervous it’s ears will flip back flat. How long they stay flipped back will tell you how nervous it feels. Not all bears react the same way,just like not all humans react the same way. There are shy bears,nervous nellies,brave bears etc. Each reacts differently!
        Once I become familiar with a bear it will remember me and allow me into it’s flight zone. A real honour to be sure!
        If a bear doesn’t like me for whatever reason……It simply walks into the forest.
        Best time to take shots of bears is during salmon spawning season. They are more communal and have fuller bellies.
        Very happy to answer your questions Debby!

  2. Excuse, i am once again very late, Wayne! Hope you are well, and stay save.
    The Littles are wonderful, but i think their claws are not less harmful as on the bigger ones. I am sure mommy is waiting not far behind them. ;-) Michael

  3. awww! these are adorable! the last one melted my heart🥺 thank you for sharing this cuteness with us, it brightened my day!

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested☺️ It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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