In this video you’ll see “Fran” standing on top of a Sea Lion carcass. Fran is a teenager about to become an adult. Eagles get their adult colours at 5 years of age. You can still see some streaking in her head feathers.Dead give away she’s around four and a half years old? She’s also the offspring of Frank and Frieda. So she is tolerated. If she was a stranger she would most likely be chased away. If she kept coming back,she probably would be attacked! But because she’s part of the family she has a life long membership to come back any time! Fran see’s her father coming over and backs off. Frank is telling her to EAT and go.

Turn the sound up and listen to the sounds Fran makes.

In this video it shows a immature eagle eating. Its early, (5:38am) so I guess its breakfast. This male eagle looks around 3 to 4 years. Another Immature comes in to attack! I recognize this eagle. Its one I’ve called “Ruffles”. I call him that because of the ruffled feathers on his back. He’s a bully. I’ve seen him do false charges at the Ravens.

In this video it shows Ruffles just a few minutes after attacking the other Immature eagle. I think the other eagle is one I’ve called “Rusty” but am not sure? There are half a dozen Immatures feasting on the carcass. Ruffles takes exception to Rusty(?) hanging around waiting for a bite… he chases him off!

I’m not that familiar with Frank and Frieda to be honest. What I do know is If it was Frank or Frieda they wouldn’t walk slowly up to the carcass. This male eagle is taking his time,so that tells me he’s not Frank. I suspect this male is poaching,so he’s very alert!

There is one thing I found odd with this video? This eagle did not trip the cameras motion sensor. The camera began shooting way before this eagle arrived. So what tripped the sensor?

I like the light in this video.

40 thoughts on “LIFES A BEACH!

    1. yes,I’d agree Lynette.It sounds like she’s scared.
      I’ve gotten familiar from watching many videos of her. She’s the only one the Ravens get close to. They know she won’t attack them. She’s a sweetie!

  1. The light i that last video was perfect. He did act like an interloper, coming in from the side, then slowly moving in. I could almost hear thinking “What’s this? Let’s have a closer look Food!” Then he looks at the camera a couple of seconds “Who’s watching?” Finally the way he looks around like somebody about to take a wallet on the ground before going in to eat. Loved it.

    1. thank you Donna! I enjoyed the challenge of trying to get these. Over a two week period I’d say the camera has shot about 1200 videos?
      The sound they make when they straighten their throats is so unusual!

  2. That’s amazing who is feasting at the “dinner table” Wayne and you gave yourself and us some insight into the eating habits and antics too. The crying, almost wailing noise you captured is really something. The titles on the videos gave me a smile. Personally I’d prefer oatmeal to blubber and sea lion hide at 5:38 a.m. but I guess it is an acquired taste. :)

    1. thank you Linda,Its a work of passion!
      Fran really endeared me when she cried. She was scared Frank would hurt her. Remember that she does not hang around and hasn’t for four years. She does come back from time to time for a visit but does not hang around on a constant basis.

      1. Your blog is a work of passion Wayne – we can tell how much you enjoy wildlife photography. No, I would not like to hear her cry either. Not any animal or bird’s anguished cry. I once heard a bird shrieking in mid-air as a peregrine falcon was in pursuit of it. It kept it up and suddenly stopped, presumably when it was captured. That bird’s shrieks haunted me for the longest time.

      2. I like that concept Wayne – it is very true. If you love what you are doing, it is never work and you will strive harder to best yourself as you go along.

      3. life has so many bumps along the way! The only ones that can hang on are the ones with passion. If your doing what your doing for money,you’ll always finish last and besides……. you can’t take it with you.

      4. I agree with you Wayne. I am paid a menial wage, but have the luxury of going out for a walk every morning, and that has spawned the blog which gives me much enjoyment. Had I returned to a normal 9-5 job after being laid off and my mom’s passing, yes I’d have more money accumulated, but I would have missed out on these two joys, perhaps not trying them out until retirement. Too many people wait until their golden years to fulfill all their dreams and pursue hobbies that they could only dream about during their working years. But then they are often too old, or cannot muster the energy to follow their dreams. It is better to do what you want now … tomorrow is promised to no one as the expression goes.

      5. Yes Wayne, money cannot buy you health nor happiness. Yes it is nice to have some, but we never want to be like that miser Silas Marner, counting his coins, but living an unfulfilled and unhappy life.

      6. I’ve never heard that one before. I wrote the comment to you about tomorrow not being promised and to live to today, then went over to Reader and a blogger used a variation of that thought, a Biblical quote … I thought that was odd, or maybe a lot of people are thinking like that these days. She wrote: “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.โ€“ Proverbs 27:1”

      1. Well, I am just about walking without a crutch. Only short distances and I haven’t really tackled stairs. It’s all very tiringand I am trying to pace myself. Still not made it to the studio!

  3. That was awesome Wayne, all of the videos. To see them interact that closely with each other and using their different voices, I guess you can call it. I was reading the other comments, I like the one said they look like they are wearing socks. I had to go back and look at them a couple times. I though so also. They look like Eagle pants. So cute. That would have been cool to see some wolves come around. Will a bear not eat something that old? Great videos Wayne.

    1. yes,a bear would chow down BIG time but because of the carcass being out on the beach they won’t come across it.
      I took the station down yesterday.
      Yes,I was holding out for wolves but the lazy buggers were self isolating!

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