I haven’t been able to get close enough to tell if this bear is a boy or girl? I suspect a female as the fur around the head is large and rounded. She was suspicious of me as I had to beach the boat and walk on land to get closer. Whenever she bent down to get a mouthful of grass,I’d move silently towards her. When she looked up I froze.  Bears get nervous If they see movement. She’ll get use to me after a few months.

44 thoughts on “BEARLY POSING

      1. Are they afraid of people, has one ever came at you? or do they just run away? I saw one up at my cabin, but it was just crossing the road.

      2. The one I saw was last fall and it looked a lot smaller than that one. They still hunt bears and eat them up north. I don’t know why, there are plenty of cows around. I hardly ever see bears. Supposdly they are reintroducing Moose up there also, where my cabin is. I have not seen one though.

      3. bear meat is not the best meat to eat I hear. There are plenty of bears and I think there are plenty because they don’t taste that great! If they tasted great you can bet your last dollar their numbers would be far less Sandra

  1. My favorite photo was the mouthful of grass – as it matches the green leafy bushes behind her. Also, I see you had another animal stick its tongue out at you … two in one week, is that a record?!

  2. Your photos are always fascinating, Wayne. Sorry, i had another delay. This half lockdown seems to be much more horrible as the full thing. Hope you are well, and enjoy the wonderful landscape you have. Best wishes, Michael

      1. ☺️😂👌and good for them nature knows 🤓 have a joyful day Wayne…I sent your post to my daughter who loves birds to share with our little star seed…your teachings travel 💫👌

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