I was done the evening shoot,so headed back to the dock. I was pleasantly surprised to see a young River Otter chowing down at the dock! The best time to get close up shots is when a animal is eating. They tend to zone out.

Unfortunately the sun had already set so the lighting was poor! I bumped my ISO up to 1600,slowed my shutter down to 1/125 and opened the f-stop wide open and that still wasn’t enough. I hate poor lighting conditions with a excellent subject!

39 thoughts on “DINNER TIME

      1. I am in the mid west, Iowa right by the Mississippi River right now. Do otters perfer lakes and streams more. Or do they only live in the oceans? I have seen beavers here and there.

      2. I just looked it up, there seems to be plenty of otters in the rivers through out Iowa, but it says you are unlikely to see them. So I might not be looking hard enough. I will have to keep my eyes open to those little critters.

    1. thanks Emma! All my shots I could enlarge it to a much bigger size but with this one because of the low light conditions the electronic noise is too much for me to enlarge any bigger than this.

    1. yes,I think this was a young River Otter. It was smaller than normal and an adult would of taken off! Also they are usually found in groups but this one was alone.Must be social distancing?

  1. Nice that he posed for you! Food overcame his need to run! I lived this shot. I just finished writing a story for children about a brown sea otter – in Gaelic for my Gaelic class!

  2. Wow – I’d have been ecstatic to get this shot – you are a perfectionist Wayne. This is a cute little guy in the first shot with his fish on the dock, but even cuter sticking his tongue out at you and therefore our eyes don’t travel down to the gutted fish. :) Did you say cheese when you took its picture?

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