1. His partner started playing it with me. I’d say goodnight,take off for town and there she was over my shoulder! I remember the first time it happened. I stopped and asked her what she was doing? She just looked at me while flapping furiously. I figured it out after a few times. Eagles cannot hover like a hummingbird or at least not for that long but they both do when they play!

  1. He is amazing. I thought you were just an observer, but the two of you really do interact. I had no idea anything like that ever happened. Stunning!!! I’m going to watch it again.

      1. his partner Delilah started this game of “Catch me if you can”. He didn’t play it,she did. Something happened to her and so she disappeared. Ever since than he has started playing with me.
        I think he knows I will not harm him.

    1. I could easily touch him but do not. I video him with my Go Pro. There are three different settings for focal length. Normal,medium and wide. When I’m recording I cannot see what the lens sees,so am guessing? I found the “Normal” setting was too close as he was out of frame too much so I switch to the medium setting. Its wider and yes that worked but I still cannot see him. I think the newer Go Pro’s have a screen on the back so one can see what they are recording. I would love one of those just for this situation!

    1. Its hard for me not to encounter him. He lives on a island in a small channel (Tsapee Narrows). I have to go through there to get to the area where the bears are. When I go see the bears I pass straight through his territory but do not stop. He use to fly out to try and get me to stop but he knows better now. I always stop on the way back however.

      1. his personality is way different than Romeo’s!
        I love getting to know a wild animal well enough to pick out behavioural traits
        If you ever come to Tofino Bernice,you’ll have to prepare a salmon dinner for my friends! Their table manners are atrocious but they are beautiful to watch!

  2. You and “The Daredevil” don’t each need a yardstick to measure distance. You can carry on without fear … it looked like you could reach out and touch him in this video.

  3. It’s apparent that you’ve developed a very special relationship with this eagle. It reminds me of when you come home and your dog is excited to see you. He is clearly happy to see you. Very special!

  4. Wayne, that is the best. I so enjoyed seeing a video of him from you. I am glad you are taking videos. They say so much more than photos. I loved it, how awesome that he comes to you like that. Please keep the videos coming, what an awesome thing to see and share with us. Loved it.

    1. I guess my love for these beautiful creatures is self evident. I must admit that I do not think specifically about that but am so happy when I’m around them!
      I can send you some videos If you wish?

      1. Yes, I would love that. That is so amazing to see him flying right above you. You have a special gift with these animals. I followed on your utube also. And watched all of your clips. You definetly should get a go pro camera and take it with you on all of your journeys. Well, maybe not a go pro, they don’t have a zoom on them.

      2. I do have a Go Pro. I’ve been using it for years. Its a older model by now. The “Hero 2”.
        The new ones I believe have a screen on the back so you see what your shooting!

      3. Yes, :), the two is quite a bit older. I think they come out with new ones everyyear. It is hard to keep up with them. I like the go pro for somethings, but I use my camera for things when I want to zoom in. Can’t wait to see more of your work and the beautiful area you live in.

  5. I went right to your utube page and subscribed. That was quite something watching the bear also. I just love the dare devil. :) There wasn’t a bell to ring on your page though so I can get a reminder of when you upload.

      1. Yes, that bell really helps to get reminders when you post. Easier to find it, plus I am going to save it on my side bar on my you tube channel so it is right there. I reall enjoyed your videos and hearing your voice.

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