30 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET SHADES

      1. I met this photographer once who absolutely refused to take pictures of a sunset because she thought a sunset was too easy. She wanted to create her own thing and not be so common.

  1. Amazing photographs Wayne! I was fortunate to spot a bald eagle today and it was sitting Regally on a branch looking down at me while I rode by on my bike.

  2. Beautiful … just Romeo and you. You sitting, but Romeo slipping through the sky, dipping into the water and skipping through the sunset, all while leaving you in awe behind the lens and us, equally in awe watching this.

      1. That’s for sure – it is torrential right now and that is worrisome for those 55-60 mph winds later today as the ground is already soaked and this drenching rain will make it soggier. That won’t bode well for trees in the wind. The rain will put me to sleep where I will go in a few minutes. I am finally caught up in comments and Reader. Whew! I wanted to finish up tonight in case it was stormy or I lost power tomorrow. I was typing the last word and the internet went out and I had to reconnect – going to press send before it acts up again.

      2. I remember you said that one time – I love that expression. We are likely up a creek if it is as bad as predicted because we usually have other states standing by to roll in in a convoy and help, but this time, there is widespread wind across the Midwest states so they will have issues, and nearby Wisconsin had a foot of snow (a fellow blogger told me yesterday they’d get six inches, so this likely was unexpected having that much) and the South has kicked up some tornadoes … twelve different states and lastly … our lineman must work six feet apart!! It’s been warmish but going to 20 real feel tonight … no words.

      3. Finally the winds died down around 8:00 and I have to say they were spot on with this forecast (for a change as I’ve three meteorologists giving three forecasts that differed greatly in the past). It started at 10:00 and ended at 8:00 as they said. We did reach winds of 51 mph at Metro Airport, about 12 miles from me. As to your weather, between the snow and the frost the hummers will be wearing frowns if they’ve returned to Tofino, stomping their tiny feet in protest!

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