This months moon is called a “Pink” moon. The name comes from flowers that bloom early. Its a Super Moon because the orbit brings it closer than normal to Earth. The Moon is the most “Super” (closer) moon of the year. There are three Super moons in 2020 and they are consecutive.


12 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUPER PINK MOON

  1. Great photo, I went out this morning, but fog set in. Could not see it at all as it dropped near the horizon. I will try to catch the next one.

    1. I didn’t go out either Sandra. I watch the satellite feed (Infra-red) to see If there are any clouds? As I was doing that I realized the orbit had changed significantly! It no longer was to be possible to line up the moon with the Lighthouse!
      Plus,there was enough cloud to scrub the shoot anyways.
      So yes,we both must wait for the next time around.Next moon is the “Flower”moon.

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