The Gray whale migration is on! They are travelling from the warm waters of Mexico and heading to the food rich waters of the Bering Sea! Consider this migration route like a huge highway. When some of them pass Tofino they ramp off and spend the summer here! In the fall time they will get back on that marine highway and head back south where the females will give birth.

A rather large pod of Gray’s has arrived in Tofino. Maybe 12 plus. I first saw them a few days ago.

Our Hospital is located near the water. I was heading home on my bike when I heard singing and drumming. It was a Native man singing and drumming a traditional song to someone he knows sick inside the Hospital. Magically I noticed a pod of Gray whales behind him in the waters spouting! I decided to put my boat in the water to go check them out. Because the whale watching boats have been side lined I knew I would be able to get some great shots….which I did!

35 thoughts on “THAR SHE BLOWS!

    1. the sound is always so weird to hear and very distinctive Anne! Never get down wind of a blow……smells like something died! Whales are beautiful but they sure need a basketball sized Tic Tac!

  1. Oh how lucky for you to see these magnificent creatures. I have never seen a whale except on TV, I can’t wait to see one some day. Thank you so much for these photos.

      1. Whoooh! I guess so! I just can’t imagine having the courage to do the things you do, Wayne! I suppose that is an asset to your art, of course. In any case, I truly admire both your amazing photographs and the nerves of steel that often makes them possible!

    1. sorry Terri I didn’t explain very well. The distance from the man singing and drumming to the whales was about 1/2 a mile. There is no way the whales could of heard it. It was coincidental that he caught my attention and in behind (1/2 mile away) I could see all these blows.
      I do believe however that they “might” be able to hear music?
      I have a large pair of over the ear headphones I use to listen to music. I “think” If I place the headphones down on the hard boat bottom and play the music that the sound just may transmit?
      I had a large male Orca once come over to me to check me out! I know believe it was because I had accidentally left the music going. It must of transmitted through the hull enough to grab his attention,…..which in the end certainly got my attention!

  2. Well that was a case of right place – right time. Had you not heard the man drumming, you would not have seen the “geyser” and made an agenda for yourself. The spray is impressive.

      1. Looks like when a fountain is turned on – how high up does it go – the older whales would shoot up more spray due to their size than the younger ones I guess?

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