36 thoughts on “ROMEO

    1. he is always amazing Kamal! He flew out to greet me as I approached from a different route.(I was coming back from viewing the whales) He than circled round me and guided me back to his perching spot!

    1. a business persons mantra is “Location,location,location”.
      A wildlife photographers mantra is “Light,light,light”!
      I go out three hours before the sunset and use that time to figure things out……so I get the best seat in the house for the show!

      1. They usually kick us out of the parks before sunset. We can’t get in before sunrise. Sometimes it works out. However our male eagle ha not been so cooperative lately. He has gone out and not come back before the light fails.

  1. I don’t know what is more stunning – the photos in color of that amazing wingspan or the photo in silhouette, which also shows the wingspan and tail fan!

      1. Yes, the lighting showed the lighter brown coloring on the wings – that wingspan continues to fascinate me. The wings seem endless to me. I mentioned it to Sandra recently – she had a seagull I think it was – it spread its wings – looks three times as large. But an eagle is just amazing – I believe you said a 9-foot span one time.

      2. I didn’t know that – hope the polar bears can back to being larger again … poor things look so shrunken down when you see them now.

      3. Yes, it broke my heart seeing the polar bears so emaciated they could barely walk across the frozen tundra … the ice floes are melting and they can’t get to their fishing spots. I guess they could drop salmon down for them to eat. drop it into the snow – not like it is going to spoil, unless they have record heat again like last year.

      4. thats not going to happen. In order to do that you’d have to know exactly where every bear is? Of course we do not,so logically we cannot. Plus the cost would be enormous and you’d have to do this all the time year round! Simply not practical.

      5. Well that is too bad – there is no other means to help out, save building a bridge of some type to take the place of ice/ice floes – that is likely not doable or cost prohibitive as well. They’ll sadly become extinct in our lifetime then.

      6. I heard that only 43% of people are in favor of how he is handling things re: the C-virus; two weeks ago it was 51% when I said that to my now-former friend when I said he withheld PPEs to our state as he was feeling “unappreciated” – I said she was one of the 51% and didn’t understand how there were that many. I hope it goes to lower than 43%. People tire of hearing how many Facebook followers he has when people are dropping like flies.

      7. his legacy will be “the worst president” ever!
        How it was that high is beyond me?
        He is a great example of what can happen to a bully who is allowed to grow into a even bigger bully!

      8. I know and agree Wayne and this morning he mentioned “starting up the economy” and it’s a really difficult decision but he will know in his head (something to that effect) when it is time. It will be too soon – people will return to the workplaces and normal life too soon and more sickness. I am so glad I am here and alone and not out day after day. At the park this morning, lots of people, and all with no masks – just me. That’s okay, it was a concession I have made to permit myself to walk, that and no pictures. I will watch Spring unfold and keep it in my head – there goes my “Birdie Bucket List” – oh well.

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