I love sunsets…..sunrises too but am too lazy to get up that early. Besides,looking to the east here is poor. Too many trees and hills blocking sunrise! Plus the only body of water one could go for a sunrise is Kennedy lake and thats too far away.

I like shooting Chestermans beach (Chesty) at sunset.Β  I found out over the years what works and what doesn’t.

I need the right clouds,tide,lots of rain. The clouds need to be Goldi Loks…not too many (overcast) and not too few. The tide needs to be low around sunset,that way more beach is exposed. It needs to of rained for several days (easy in Tofino) and than break! The rain leaks out onto the beach creating a huge mirror!

Than If your lucky a few surfers will walk past. I do like a subject but in this scenario they are always like chickens teeth.

Oh and the God rays are icing!

59 thoughts on “A TOFINO SUNSET

    1. thank you Jane! Its amazing how we each see something. This was the best I could do given what I had.
      I think it could of been better If It had rained more. It would of been a better reflection. Notice how the reflection is interrupted by spots less reflective?

  1. Perfect lighting to a wonderful sunset. I am just the opposite. I see more sunrises than sunsets. I have to leave the house at 4:00 am just to get to a spot to see blue hour. But I do love the softer lights of sunsets. Very nice.

    1. and the thing about it was …… I had it almost all to myself! With everyone staying away and the locals staying home,very few people were out there!
      Rolled the dice well on this one! Being at the right place at the right time is what Its all about! Seeing patterns and taking advantage of them!

  2. This is just stunning Wayne – beautiful and scenic. It should be on the Tofino Chamber of Commerce’ website to encourage folks to come visit (hopefully this year).

    1. It was a great sunset!
      One thing I’ve noticed over many years of shooting sunsets out on Chesterman’s and Cox beaches is that people seem to gather to watch the sunset in small to large groups. Normally everybody is walking along the beach but they all stand still to watch. Its like watching a fire,It hypnotizes!

      1. Yes it was a great sunset. I cannot remember the last sunset I saw and it was certainly not as spectacular as this one. I believe that people would be mesmerized by this scene … this is eye candy and who can pass it up? Here, people may steal a glance, then go back to looking at their phone.

      2. Mine too Wayne – as long as we still have the ability to get out during this health crisis, we will be in a better place figuratively and literally. I hope that this gift is not taken from us for any reason.

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