I’ve been trying to get to know two Ravens the last few months,Robbie and Rita. Robbie wasn’t around tonight but Rita came over to say hello!

Bar none Ravens are the most intelligent creature out there! There are humans……and than Ravens! When they look at you,you can see the gears turning. They’re figuring you out before you do!

They also hold mythological status in many cultures! If your superstitious,don’t piss off a Raven..they have friends! A gathering of Ravens is called a unkindness,a conspiracy or a congress. I lean towards congress myself!

With Eagles the females are larger than the males,with Ravens the males are larger than the females. I hope to get some shots of Robbie!

49 thoughts on “INTRODUCING……..”RITA”

    1. they play with dogs the way Cats play with mice!
      The closer you get to either pole,the larger the animals are.
      Ravens are my most favorite bird but don’t tell any of my eagle friends please!

    1. Yes,they are amazing creatures! They can mimic sounds far better than any other bird!
      I wear a silver necklace. Its a native design of a Orca with a Raven dorsal.
      Very few animals play!
      They are one of four animals that display “displacement”. (Bees,Ants and Humans)
      In linguistics, displacement is the capability of language to communicate about things that are not immediately present.

  1. So very beautiful, I had to look up the difference between a Raven and a Crow after seeing your photo. I had 6 birds that I thought were Ravens show up last summer over and over in my back yard. I noticed only one came fairly close and kept calling to the others. The others I could see but never called back. And then they would all land in the yard, take the vegetable scraps I had put in the garden and then take off. They had large beaks, but not quite like Rita’s. Another new discovery for me, thank you Wayne, can’t wait to see Robbie.

    1. she’s still apprehensive about me. It took years with my eagle friends. Having a relationship with a wild animal takes years,but is worth it all in the end!
      Thanks for dropping in Bernice! Maybe you could make her a Crow pie? She’d love that I bet as the Crows do nothing but bother her!

  2. Rita looks pretty big and Robbie is even bigger – wow! I’ve seen crows but never a raven- I’m struck by how long their beak is and a slightly mean look too!

      1. I didn’t know that – Rita sure had an expressive face and that beak really resembled an eagle’s beak with the long and curved beak. To me anyway. I hope you do capture a photo of the pair.

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