1. there were outflow conditions. So the wind was creating all sorts of problems for me and Romeo!
      Eagles always have to fly into the wind to perch but that meant his face would be in the darkness as the wind was coming from the NE and the setting sun was to the west!

  1. That’s the worst case of “bed head” I’ve ever seen … I’d like to add that a “little dab’ll do ya!” Such a regal bird should not have feathers taking away from that regal beauty.

      1. I once had a eagle try to crap on me!
        After perching for awhile,you’ll see a eagle lifts its white tail feathers. Its about to take a crap. What comes out looks like white silly string! Than it’l jump.
        So for that eagle to take a crap over the water is not natural. I figured it out.

      2. I just read not long ago that geese will not crap in mid-air; they’ll do it before they take off. The size of their droppings on the path, I was curious if something pinged on my head as I was walking and they were overhead. So I Googled it – yes, Google gave me the answer. There are a lot of geese flying overhead at the Park and when I go down to the Riverfront.

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