1. what wonderful medicine this must be for you to experience, the fresh air, these special moments caught on camera. You can’t possibly share every aspect but I am glad you do share and it is good medicine for me to see!

  2. Another great title – I always liked that song. And a beautiful orangey background with one eagle caught in the middle of a sun ray. I like the header photo a lot and will comment on it when I get to that shot.

    1. Ya,Thats a great song!
      They move so quick I never know If I caught them at the exact right spot or not?
      I thought people might like the header shot. Its just so unusual to see a eagle so undignified!

      1. You got this one just as the ray shot through him. Yes, the messy feathers are so out of character from all the other “regal eagle” shots … undignified!

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