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      1. Yes! My mom had one and when we had bad storms and I shut off the A/C or we lost power, I’d fan Buddy to keep him cool. Canaries don’t do well in heat.

      2. Yes, I think the Canary Islands, but in a setting like the house, hot and humid makes them hyperventillate. That worked well as it did not generate a breeze which would be bad. They are delicate, though the vet said I was overprotective and a “helicopter pet mom”.

      3. I’d get a bar fridge,empty everything out so a small cage could be put in there. Put some breathing holes of course. Put the bird in for the night. A added bonus would be that it would be very quiet for the animal! On really hot days you could put the setting on 1. I bet it would work! We do the same thing for premies with incubators. We control the temperature.

      4. I was so afraid they would die as a result of a power outage … that is part of the reason that I can’t have another pet, besides the grief factor. The weather is too erratic anymore… I had so many back-up measures for the furnace going out or the power going out in the heat or the cold. That is a good idea … there is a small fridge in the basement. I use it for storage as it had an issue where it leaked one time and the repairman said it was not worth fixing.

      5. That’s a good question … I was worried during tornado season and always had a cupboard, an inside cupboard in the hall, that I would clear out every time bad weather was predicted. I would have put Buddy or Sugar in it and closed the door til it passed by, and had extra food in a tub in the basement should I need to take him to someone else’s house. When we had Sugar the weather was not so volatile – the weather has become more and more erratic here the last five years. When I went to Elizaveth Park last Sunday, there was flooding on the grass and over many of the walkways – I had to walk out into the nearby neighborhood.
        I remarked to a dog walker that was a first for me – we could not understand it … we’ve had no torrential rains yet, there was not a lot of snow and only once did the Detroit River freeze, but not solid like during last year’s Polar Vortex … it is unnatural right now. Usually by late March, the weather experts are talking about tornado season which is late April to August – with the C-virus, no mention is made of it at all yet. Enough stuff to worry about.

      6. Yes, I’m too tall for that cupboard – unless I crouch down in it … I can go downstairs I guess. But since we were sprayed for many years for spiders and centipedes in the basement, the spray was strong and we could not take the canaries downstairs.

      7. I never realized canaries were so delicate until we had our first one, Sugar, in 2006. It was Marge’s canary and she just bought it and her mother became ill and she lived in Arizona. She went to visit her mom and was gone three weeks. I always took care of her assortment of pets through the years and she had just bought this canary. She lowered the heat in the house as she knew she’d be gone at least 10 days (turned out to be three weeks), so we brought hinm to our house, proceeded to spoil him, and lavish attention on him and when Marge came home and he went back there, he stopped singingand sat in the corner, so she gave him to us. We bought canary books and go info online and then learned everything we could about having one as a pet … that was how we learned not to use aerosol sprays nearby, do not iron in the same room with a Teflon-coated iron and do not cook in a Teflon frying pan. We had parakeets for years and if there was a tornado or power outage and you had to remove them to a safe place, like to shelter in place, you could take them out of the cage and put them in a “bird box carrier with small holes” … canaries don’t like to be handled. The last few years with Buddy left me perplexed as I really liked his veterinarian and she was an avian specialist, however, the last few years, I got him to the vet for his regular checkups and toenail clipping three times a year – he would hyperventillate in the waiting room to the extent that the vet had to give him oxygen. When I brought him home, he would go into the corner of his cage and face the corner (like a dunce situation) and refuse to move and wouldn’t eat, even when I made our nightly treat, a bagel. It got so that I absolutely dreaded taking him there as he was not the same bird for a day or two. For his yearly exam, I was in the room with Buddy and the vet, but for toenail clipping, I stayed in the waiting room and they took the cage away and did it without me present (that was their protocol) … I always wondered if something happened one time to make him so scared. Parakeets are way hardier and do not have the respiratory issues that canaries do – it has something to do with how their throats are, which enable them to sing loud and strong. Both Sugar and Buddy had a set of lungs … they could sing non-stop and loud. You could hear them outside … neighbors and handyman would remark on the singing. Ann Marie always told me I could take Buddy to her house (she lived about a mile from me) as she had a gas stove to keep the kitchen warm if we had a power outage … she had/has an Amazon Grey Parrot. Then she moved to an apartment with an electric range, so she has the same worry I had, but a parrot is hardier due to its size … she had an escape issue with her parrot and it spent the night out in a tree until the treecutter could get it down, in April, and was okay.

      8. Yes, I think he was in shock – it was scary to see him like that, both at the vet’s office and at home. His little body was very rigid and he stared straight ahead at home, but at the vet’s office he was hyperventilating – opening and closing his beak very quickly and breathing heavily, so they had to whisk him in to give him oxygen. Something had to have happened which I didn’t see – I mean we went 4+ years without issue, then suddenly this reaction. I don’t know any other canary owners. Marge didn’t have hers long enough to ask her. I phoned the woman at Lady Gouldian Finch to ask her … she has raised flocks of finches for many years and had no idea what changed him. He was fine after a few days so it wasn’t because he was sick – I babied that bird (Sugar too) so it was upsetting to see him like that.

      9. That’s what I wonder about – his vet interracted with him when I was present for his annual checkup and he’d squirm a little when she picked him up and cradled him in her hand … but she did a thorough checkup, some other types of tests for the lab for bloodwork, droppings check for bird viruses, air sac mite check, etc. – he was good as gold, so I wonder if something happened when he got his nails cut one time. The vet, not the vet techs cut his toenails and the vet’s husband was not an aviary specialist, but he did cut his toenails sometimes – maybe he was used to the woman vet and freaked at a different person handling him? It was scary seeing him like that … he had a different personality. I dreaded taking him. In fact the last year and a half I only took him twice a year instead of three times a year and prayed his toenails would not get hung up on anything and I bought some gravel perches that were shaped like natural twigs (ordered from the Lady Gouldian Finch specialist) so he had to grip the perch more and didn’t need toenail clippings. I quit giving him broccoli which he loved as it have lots of calcium – calcium makes nails grow. This is why I say I can’t have another pet … I went through a lot of angst worrying about him.

      10. I swore I’d never get attached to an animal again, but … yes, I have a lot of angst over the Cooper’s Hawks right now and go to lengths to still give peanuts, yet be careful of not making them sitting ducks.

      11. Also, canaries are susceptible to tracheal mites – they are tiny mites that get into their tracheaol area and it will kill them. We ordered some medicine from a woman who breeds and sells Lady Gouldian Finches (those black domestic finches with the bands of color like a rainbow). We always had a bottle of this medicine on hand in case they had respiratory issues and you had to mix in in the water. She lived in California and had bred finches which are very similar to canaries in size and health issues.

      12. Yes, the air sac mites are something that canaries are susceptible to. We never had our parakeet to the vet until the very end when he didn’t eat – we could trim his beak (you do that for budgies but not canaries as their beak grows downward so you must trim it) and his toenails – no problem picking him up and turning him upside down in your hand. But our budgie didn’t eat anymore – we went to the vet and vet said to give him Pepto Bismol – he died a few days later and we had an autopsy done wondering what went wrong – he had a tumor on his esophagus. My mom and I grieved for a long time and said no more pets (that was in 1983) … then Marge gave us Sugar in 2006.

      13. No, I had him euthanized because he had had a stroke (that’s what the vet believed). I can’t believe I never sent you the blog post I wrote after he died … I wrote it as a catharsis and also because in many posts I mentioned how Buddy would be singing in his corner while I wrote my blog posts. I was so angry at my neighbor Marge because after Sugar died (in front of me no less .,.., he went to the floor, spread his wings and died) – she took me to the vet and I had him cremated, then insisted I get another bird because I had lost my mom that year, worked at home and have no family.
        She said it was bad to be all alone and it was close to Christmas. So I got Buddy and when she took me to the vet and I had Buddy euthanized, I railed at her all the way home –
        she took me to the River to Bishop Park where she went when troubled and every morning, as she tried to calm me down. I told her she made me go thru pain and grief needlessly. She didn’t see it my way and I later apologized. I knew there was something wrong with him as he could not hop from perch to perch … he kept leaning his head against the cage bars so I knew I had to take him to the vet. And I knew he likely would need to be euthanized. I only had him six years so he would only be about six years old, they did not say how old he was when I bought him. I really did spoil him – the vet said I was too overprotective as I used to fret every time I took him to the vet (before he started flipping out there) with a massive amount of blankets, lest he get a draft. This was the post I did: https://lindaschaubblog.net/2016/12/04/forty-feathered-friends-at-the-footbridge/

      14. well, we each say goodbye to our little friends.
        If Sugar and Buddy could talk they would tell you “Thank You” for being so loving and giving them so many happy moments!

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