Each full moon has a name. The March full moon is called a “Worm” moon. This is what I found out about the Worm moon………Native Americans called this last full moon of winter the worm moon after the worm trails that would appear in the newly thawed ground. Other names include chaste moon, death moon, crust moon and sap moon, after the tapping of the maple trees.

Because the orbit is closer this month Its also a Super Worm moon!

  1. Wolf Moon – January
  2. Snow Moon – February
  3. Worm Moon – March
  4. Pink Moon – April
  5. Flower Moon – May
  6. Strawberry Moon – June
  7. Buck Moon – July
  8. Sturgeon Moon – August
  9. Harvest Moon – September or October
  10. Full Corn Moon (Harvest) – September
  11. Hunter’s Moon (Harvest) – October
  12. Beaver Moon – November
  13. Cold Moon – December

48 thoughts on “SUPER WORM MOON

  1. I remember we had a full moon eclipse and it was also called a wolf moon. Probably January because it was cold out, about one or two years ago. Thanks for sharing this info. I like the photos, too!

    1. yep,Wolf moon is January Jane! Best moons are when its so cold out! That means there is usually snow laying about and with the full moon you can see everything! You could physically travel during the night! When I go camping I never go walking about in the forest at night! Might as well tie a bow on me and ring the dinner bell!
      But during a full moon with snow all around Its very magical I find!

      1. I rode my bike out to the beach in the dark to specifically get that shot! I had to walk around until the moon highlighted the nest. I was hoping I wouldn’t be standing in the surf!

  2. I love the moon, few days ago it looked as if it had a face. We have an old walnut tree in our backyard sitting on the sofa you can see the moon trough the branches – just beautiful. Thanks Wayne!

    1. we as humans are wired to see faces in everything including the moon. People have been seeing the “man in the moon” for centuries now.
      If you look next time through your walnut tree at the moon you should notice all the branches form circles!
      always good to hear from a long time follower Amy,thank you!

      1. I wrote your list down, very interesting. When I am up at my farm, I have a wonderful view of the moon as it travels across the sky’s. I can actually see all the stars up there also, there isn’t any light noise at all. It is so dark that the moon, when full, acts as a spotlight. So beautiful.

      2. imagine If we had 79 of them like Jupiter?
        It would look like a race way!
        Do you have a telescope? If not you should pick one up as it sounds like you have a perfect spot!

      3. :) Not yet, but I am thinking of getting one. I just got a pair of really good binoculars. I will be trying them out this summer up there. I saw one of the biggest telescopes when I was in the south, in someones backyard, it looked like it should be at NASA, it was so big. Now if I could make that into a camera, just think how awesome bird photos would be.

      4. Well, who knew they made something like that. How handy, I use a mono pod, and I have 2 tripods, and one tripod that is so heavy only the husband can carry it. A heavy wind wont budge that tripod for anything. So then I have 2 cameras with me out hiking. And no place for the binoculars until now. Thank you for the link. Sometimes you just don’t think to look for something like that.

    1. WHAT!….you left the protective west coast to go to Calgary? Theres always a flu or micro epidemic going on there!
      Remember to wash your hands and count how many fingers you have at the end of the day! I hope Scout’s not upset?

      1. I wondered who was “featured” in those shots Wayne – you lined up the perching one perfectly and the landing close to the moon as well.

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