43 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL’S CLOSE UP

      1. Yes we should! I put out sunflower seeds and lots of peanuts, hoping to catch the pair of cardinals that always come to the side of the house with the squirrels to eat peanuts every morning. No cardinals until I was locking up the house and the camera was away, but I was looking for Willard and I think I saw him and his new fur is growing in … I couldn’t tell before as it was always gray outside and he never sits still, but today he was sitting in the sun and I noticed it.

      2. When I researched mange, I learned that they get new fur in the Springtime and shed their old, heavier fur – never knew that. I hope he is okay and I am pretty sure this little squirrel I saw today was him (with peach fuzz).

      3. I can just see Parker now coming home with a bunch of peanuts! He’d dump them in a pile and go sit in his little recliner,hit the remote and start watching his favourite program……….which might be Alvin and the Chipmunks!

      4. He’s not going to like me much … this projected snowstorm was not supposed to arrive until Thursday. Tomorrow we have rain all day – I counted on getting to the Park on Wednesday … now it is a day earlier for this snow, so I’ll have to shovel. I took them sunflower seeds yesterday and lots of peanuts as I knew I wouldn’t be there this morning (errands).

      5. I agree! I was happy I went into the store and they had the jumbo unsalted peanuts in stock as the last 3-4 times I had to get salted or raw. I had to go to a different Meijer grocery store … that’s devotion!

      6. Yes, it would – I met a nice woman on Saturday at Elizabeth Park who offered to go get some when she/husband visit their daughter far from this area of town. That was really nice. She buys the 50-pound bags of peanuts and big bags of corn as she feeds the squirrels and the ducks every day at Elizabeth Park.

    1. how I shot it was the hard part! Standing up in my boat,not holding onto the tiller handle,flying along at a fast speed and turning around 180 degrees without moving my feet to take the shot.
      All the while he’s chasing me. He really enjoys that game!

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