1. I have to get a sunset picture this Summer … hard to do in the neighborhood though … crime is what keeps me from getting a sunrise photo too. Those all sound like vibrant colors.

      2. I follow the Metroparks on Twitter. There is one photographer who goes to different Metroparks to capture sunrises and sunsets … he has those pinks and oranges going … just a beautiful sight. You know Marge used to get up very early and stop at MacDonalds to get coffee and breakfast and then drive to the River every day for years to watch the sunrise. She had her camera with her and sent me her favorite shots … yes, crime worries me for doing this … Marge just watched from her car. The parking lot is behind stores … I don’t know, just walking outside in the dark unnerves me a little with all the crime.

      3. normally I’d encourage people to get up early to shoot a sunrise Linda but not in your environment. Its more dangerous where you are than me surrounded by bears during spawning season!

      4. You’re right and remember I told you that the Park ranger told me it is more dangerous than I read about – gulp! I think I’d rather not know sometimes.

      5. I would really love to go to Kensington Metropark which is featured in Jocelyn Anderson posts every day. Not just the birds who come and feed from your hands, but the whole park is just a nature lover’s paradise. It is not close to me and I have to take an expressway that goes too fast for my liking. I looked in “Meetups” which are groups of people from the same area who have similar interests … but those are not a photography class per se, but more people meeting at a location, not always close by though.

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