23 thoughts on “JULIETTE SINGS A SONG

  1. Another beautiful silhouette, closer to nightfall here and it perfectly shows Juliette singing with that big beak open. You were treated to two songs – that made it a perfect outing, not just taking photos but a little entertainment as well.

      1. I see. It did not look as orangey so I thought nightfall had come. Yes, Juliette was happy to see you and sang for you. Today Luc was happy to see me and gave a loud chirp. One chirp, but that’s promising. Perhaps he confused me with the person who attends to his meals and water, as he had no food laying on the tree stump in his cage, so he maybe was singing for his supper?

      2. I watched “Blackfish” last night. If you’ve never watched it you should! Its about “Tilikum” the Orca.
        The reason why I bring that up is because when I watched It I thought about Luc. Being in prison affects the mental stability of every animal! Humans to Orcas!
        He needs socializing! We all do and that means socializing with his own kind not humans. Thats the thing I hate about these places……they say on one hand that the animal has been too damaged to release into the wild,so they better take care of it! Which translates to “we can make some money off of this animal”!
        If they were really concerned about the animal they would make sure the animal got some socializing…….but they don’t because they don’t care and the poor things soul is bleeding away each day!

      3. I have never seen it and still have the other two recommendations you gave me to watch. The weather forecasters predicted a snowy and cold Winter, but instead it was mild and I’ve gotten out more this Winter than expected. I was surprised about Luc yesterday; also I noticed that he changed positions three or four times while I was there. Usually he sits with his back toward me or looking off into space or the corner, but he seemed a little more animated than usual and gave that big chirp. I think he thought I was his handler? I took a couple of pictures but won’t look at them til next weekend … I must have taken 500+ pics from Friday morning to this afternoon with the big camera (taking advantage of the sunny days) and haven’t looked at them yet. I wonder why they could not have placed that female eagle with Luc, rather than putting it at the Zoo as that eagle already has a companion.

      4. The minimum pen size for an adult eagle would be about the same size as an average barn. Luc’s inclosure has to be one tenth that. They are not taking proper care of him physically or emotionally!

      5. They assume he can’t fly, so make the living quarters smaller I guess – no reason and it does not help being high … he has nowhere to stretch his legs if he wants to walk around on the bottom. There is a pool for bathing in, a water dish and the stump for his food and a bush or two … that takes up the whole floor of the cage.

      6. If he had had rehab therapy I bet he’d still be able to fly somewhat! His scenario is being played out by hundreds If not thousands of captive Eagles every year I bet!
        They are nothing more than live stuffed toys for our amusement!

      7. Yes, sadly and when he passes away, he’ll go into the Marshland Museum with the rest of the stuffed critters – remember how they had an Oven Bird on a stick that slid out of a plastic tube. I turned my head and said “pass it to the next person please.”

      8. Yes it is – it is too bad Luc cannot be placed in a large flight cage, that can be shared with other raptors (if they are companionable) to at least get some semblance of the freedom he once enjoyed.

      9. I was thinking about what they’ve said about Luc….that he cannot fly. He must be able to do some sort of flying to be able to get down to the small pond in his enclosure and than back up! If he can do that he can do much more I bet!
        The way Tilikum was is the same way Luc is. Luc just cannot kill anybody.
        Its so bloody sad I could cry and I bet Luc has many times!
        Btw,eagles are very smart! When he chirped he wasn’t confused that was for you as a greeting! It proves that he needs some sort of social contact each day. He recognized you I’m sure! They have very sharp minds and eyes,he remembered you! I bet you’ve talked to him and he remembered! All anybody has to do is talk to a wild animal on a constant basis and magic will happen!

      10. You are correct – the enclosure is not wide, but tall and you could see that in the video I sent you that someone shot of Luc and his enclosure. So he would have to fly down as he does not have a tree that he could use as a “ramp” to get down and back up again, so I wonder how his impaired wing allows him to get down to the stump to eat and to the pool to bathe or drink? He might remember me – I’d say I’ve been there at least ten times now and always stopped and visited and spoke softly to him calling his name. All he gets during the week is the person bringing food/fresh water – except maybe in the Summer when more people are there. I’m sure most of the kids are more interested in the Park’s “Wave Pool” and not nature and Luc.

      11. he defiantly remembers you Linda……what else do you think he uses his mind for! You may be the only person he remembers and looks froward to seeing? Let me know how he reacts on your next visit please?

      12. I will Wayne – I’ll see how his picture turned out this weekend too when I look at all my shots I took over three days. I mentioned he looked more attentive and not just sitting in one spot with his back toward me or facing the wall … I noticed that right away. I’m glad I put a little cheer in his day.

      13. next time when your at his cage I want you to turn your lens AF off. Its a simple little switch. One side has “AF” and the other “Manual”. Take a tripod to steady the camera and focus manually! Your AF is picking up the cage material between you and Luc.
        Personally I’d use just the center focus point and shoot between the cage metal wrie.

      14. I have a tripod that came with the original digital compact – it is just a tabletop tripod though. Yes, my pictures of Luc are never good, no matter if the long lens is on, or just the regular lens … always the enclosure stuff (with all its dander) is between us. I will try … the last time I did Manual, I got home and had lots of underexposed and overexposed pictures. It did not matter as I was not taking shots of anything important, just some flowers around the Park to practice – maybe a squirrel or two, but if it was something important I’d have resorted to Auto … that was the day after I spent Memorial Weekend Saturday studying the camera manual, the “Dummies” manual and you gave me some tips.

      15. there is “Manual” setting for the camera and a “Manual” setting for your lens. You can leave your exposure dial on “Auto”,that doesn’t matter as much as the focus. Switch the lens to “Manual” and try to see how sharp you can make the picture by hand. Use his head as a point of focus.

      16. I did read in the manual, you could do half-and-half either way and still have a little creative control. I will try next time – it will be warmer by then too. It was just 12 “real feel” when I was there on Saturday morning – it warmed up considerably through the day.

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