Delilah was perched close to me and I didn’t even see her! By the time I was able to shoot she was already beginning to high tail it out of there.  She’s not a fan I guess.

I remind you that this is Delilah #2. The original Delilah liked me much more. It was still nice to see her close up at any rate, It seems I never see her!


      1. You were lucky indeed. I spent 5 1/2 miles and nearly 6 hours outside today and cannot say I saw anything that made me jump up and down. It was cold (reel feel in the teens) when I left, but 46 degrees when I got home. But all the marshlands were frozen and so no waterfowl there, just a few on Lake Erie. Plus one swan that was very far away and I could not find an access point in the bushes to see it close up.

  1. Ha! What did you do to make Delilah 2 not enjoy your company? Apparently we have bald eagles in my neck of the woods (southern Ontario) although I haven’t seen them in person yet.

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