I found Ernie perched on a container in the harbour. He seemed rather upset? I looked closer and could see something white on his left wing? I recognized what it was right away!

He looked at me as If to say “DID YOU SEE WHO CRAPPED ON ME?”

It just goes to prove that Gulls crap on everybody and everything indiscriminately……….of course Ernie found and ate said crapper!

64 thoughts on “OH CRAP!

  1. On one of our island trips years ago, when my daughter was young, we were driving along the waterfront in our convertible and a gull pooped on my daughter’s head!
    She looked about as impressed as Ernie, lol

    1. I wonder If Eagles can feel that emotion and how do they clean it off? Maybe splashing about in the shallows? He couldn’t of been too upset or he’d have already have washed it off as It looked like it had happened hours ago?

      1. Wow! You’re right, Wayne. But, then I wonder if dogs are different because they are domesticated? I’ve read they can take on their owner’s psychological illnesses and personalities, too.
        But just to think of the scenario you mentioned, (Oh, my!) it certainly would take a powerful lot of pent-up frustration to rip up a couch, wouldn’t it? Even with canine teeth! A pack animal being shut up by himself, not knowing if or when his pack would return and all that. Not fair! 😬

      2. You may be right betty. I’ve heard dogs act differently than wolves. I mentioned that scenario because I saw a picture of a dog looking very sheepish with pieces of chair/couch laying all over the place. It knew what it did was wrong and felt very guilty about it.
        Yes,If we want to punish someone for breaking the law we shut them up in a cage…..no different than leaving a animal by its self all day. Having said that,most dogs are fine doing that but some take out their frustrations on the furniture!

  2. Poor Ernie – that blotch might have botched up his day.
    When I watched the big turtle digging a hole to bury her eggs, it took her almost an hour as we walkers all stood around watching. It took so long, a big bird had time to poop on her shell and she had no idea it was there. Had it in my picture – nothing I could do about it as the picture of her digging the hole was interesting.

  3. Hi Wayne, I was reading another post, they had very nice photos of Eagles and you commented it looked like a female. How can we tell the difference? You are so knowledgeable in this field. I her photo the head of the Eagle did look different. Almost larger than what I usually see.

    1. the head/beak ratio. Females have a larger head/beak ratio. That eagle had a large beak compared to the size of the head,therefor it has to be a female. Males heads are more streamlined,smaller and the beak is smaller.
      That was Donna’s post.

      1. Yes Donna’s post, that is what I thought when you said it was a female. I looked closer and noticed the difference in the beak. Thank you. I dont know that I have ever seen a female Eagle, now I know what to look for.

      2. Thank you, I am not sure if there has ever been a pair making a nest around the city I live in. I know north of here they have an Eagle cam in Decorah Iowa. Seems like they are just passing through here on the Mississippi River in this area. I do see a lot of young ones though. Thank you for all this information. It makes it more enjoyable to understand their nature when walking in their territory’s.

      3. Great, I check your post every day to see what you will share next. I love wildlife, of course Eagles are my favorite. But I love your photos of Bears, I have only seen one Bear at my home in the UP, lots of wolves up there also. But only see their tracks. Look forward to seeing your photos.

      4. Actually yes, we have looking at getting one. I see lots of wolf tracks. And hear them once in awhile. Do you have wolves in your area. They had to reintroduce wolves and Moose in Michigan, the population was pretty slim.

      5. If wolves are scarce that means they have usually been shot. They had to get CDN wolves to restock the Lamar valley in Yellowstone.
        Find animal trails close to a water source. Everybody needs to drink. I’d put the trail camera up close to a actively used water source. You have snow on the ground which will be able to tell you how active that spot is.

      6. and thats what the trail camera will tell you.
        You need to find the spot where they go for a drink? Wolves tend to go to very quiet spots where humans aren’t around.
        Make sure to clean the bottom of your boots If you go venture out. Boots pick up dog scent which a wolf will detect.
        Also pay attention to the local newspaper for pets that have gone missing or reported sightings. Your sleuthing begins me lady.

      7. Thank you so much for the tips, It will be exciting to see what is out there, I respect their territory, my Grandfather taught me that. I like to see them from a distance and the camera will help.

      8. Oh, I posted today, photos of that place I told you about, where they built man made perches for the Eagles. I gave up on going there, but I did find the new place down river where they are hanging out now. There were over 20 Eagles there last week. I hung out there for 4 hours watching them and taking photos.

      9. never heard of eagles using man made perches before Sandra? For Osprey yes,for eagle no. Where ever they put them they have to be very high. Have you got a picture of one of these made perching spots?

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