24 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET

  1. Those are beautiful silhouettes Wayne and I like the second picture how Romeo has his wings forward and his feet splayed and ready to perch – you notice every detail in that shot.

      1. It looks perfect and I didn’t know that about the silhouettes in the Winter – you can see every detail, especially feet/talons and not a feather out of place!

      2. I know exactly where he was going to perch. He flew over to me (and took his sweet time I might add). I waited in the sweet spot for him to land. Tide was moving me out of position. I wanted that bright sun hidden behind his perching rock.

      3. I think birds and animals are savvy about getting their picture taken – the ones who know you I mean. So you cannot tell me that they are not aware of you focusing your attention on them, so they either preen for the camera and let you do it, or do their own thing to spite you. You are more inclined to go with a perfect sun for your pictures, where I often just “grab the shot and go”.

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