24 thoughts on “CLASSIC DAREDEVIL

      1. Yes indeed because you often tell us in your posts that you are standing in the boat to get the shots. So you are not a contortionist and have to watch for your own safety at the same time.

      1. How do you tell them apart? It would be awesome to see the same ones all the time. And get to know their patterns and nesting areas. I watch the live cam one in Florida, they have names and come back every year.

      2. A Eagles territory is very much like a gangs territory. Its well defined and everybody knows it! If your a outside eagle and you fly into another eagles territory,the resident eagle will fly up behind you like a F-18 and escort you out!
        So eagles basically stay put,which allows me to know who’s who!
        The females are much larger but because I know each one personally I know what and who to expect when I enter into one of their territories.

      3. That is so awesome. Do they stay there all year? Because of your location? I only see the Eagles here in Iowa from late December to March or April. They hang out at the Lock and Dam’s on the Mississippi River. There used to be dozens of them at Lock and Dam 14, photographers came from all over to get what they call the money shot. They cut down some of the trees at the locks and put up 3 man made perches for the Eagles. I have never seen anything on the perches except Gulls.

      4. whoever put those perches up for eagle sure do not eagles! Eagles make their own perching spots! I haven’t seen them perch on a spot that was something manmade. Osprey do that but not eagles.
        Our eagles are here year round,they do not migrate. Our temperatures are far more moderate than yours!

      5. That is what I thought, about your climate. I know, it was the Army Corps of Engineers here in Iowa. They should stick to engineering lock and dams. The Eagles have left the area now. You might see 2 if your lucky.

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