The only way I can get shots of Harbour Seals is If I do a “Tofino drive by”.  That involves me zipping past them at a fast speed and shooting what I can. I than go around and do it all over again but shave 20 feet off.

If I stop, they’ll freak and jump quickly back into the water!

48 thoughts on “ROLLY POLY

      1. no,the Lions can be I hear to surfers. No animal has ever been aggressive to me. Maggies’s partner “Moe” once tried to crap on me but he misjudged the wind and missed! He holds a grudge. I scared him when he was poking around in the bush near shore looking for the fish he dropped. He turned around and I was close by. Freaked him out and ever since then he can’t be bothered with me.

      2. eagles almost always stay up high away from ground predators. I saw him loose the fish he was eating. It fell into the bush near shore. He flew down and went into the bush a bit to look for it. When he turned around little old me was there to greet him. I got a very surprised picture of him! I assume this is why he tried to crap on me and never comes to visit like Maggie?

      1. yes,the Orcas that eat Harbour Seals (Transient) are doing fine but the southern Residents are starving! I heard yesterday that they believe they have lost a large male, L41.
        Bringing the current pop down to 72.

      2. I forgot your locals prey on the harbour seasls – you mentioned that in a post one time – I forgot it was a different type of orca with the misshapen heads due to starving. Such a shame – maybe they ought to bring the into captivity if possible – better than losing them, even though it is not what the orcas want.

      3. That is true unless they could make it in a natural setting, not like Marineland or Sea World – that is just wrong, I agree. Or they need to restrict the fishermens’ catch … that likely won’t happen either sadly,

  1. Great pictures – I always loved seals. Yes why do we say as cute as a button, mind you I’ve seen cute buttons 😉🤗

  2. Great shots – looking at those pictures i can actually hear them. Yes we say as cute as a button – I’ve actually seen cute buttons! 😉🤗

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