The last few days Tofino has been getting snow. We do get it yearly but not that often. I miss the snow to be honest. I grew up with plenty of snow and always did so many wonderful things! My favorite was winter camping. Tracking animals was much easier in the snow!

Ernie and Ethel were perched on top of their Strawberry island perch. They are staying close to each other these days as its mating season. Wherever Ethel goes Ernie is always close behind.


  1. Oh, snow! I’m a little envious because here in Southern Bavaria we don’t have any below 3.000 feet height. We have the warmest “winter” since years! I don’t like that.

      1. I love the pics that the Lord gives you! Not even sure I remembered that these were yours when I selected it, but I’m even more in awe of the name of the shot…

      1. yes of course, biking in snow is a tricky business and I most certainly have tumbled on a few occasions!
        I’ve always wanted to buy a second set of tires that have studs in them. I could swap the wheels when it snows and get plenty of traction!

      1. We haven’t seen any snow yet. The weather has been too mild. Temperatures are suppose to drop this weekend … so, we’ll see. :)

  2. That is beautiful – sunny and golden up front, dark sky and mountains in the background. I’ll ship you some of our snow Wayne. Every time I hear the weather forecast, they are adding another inch of snow – in fact they say it will be “thumping” which they classify as coming down one or more inches an hour. The fun begins at midnight tonight. As a kid, growing up in the snow belt near Lake Ontario, (just as you did), it was not unusual to see my father’s VW Bug completely covered in snow when we had snow overnight. We lived on a “bend” – big time snow as you know.

      1. My friend Ilene who lives in Kingsville, Ontario mentioned it to me the other day – she watches Canadian and American news and said she could not believe the snowfall, nor the drifts. We, of course, heard nothing except endless news about the impeachment proceedings or pretrial proceedings and the uproar over the Royal Family. I heard nothing about Newfoundland … Googled and I could not believe the snow! I had five inches of heavy snow to deal with this a.m. and right now I am starting to feel like a Mack truck ran over me!

      2. Oh sure – I agree. The only reason they had so many news stories about Harry and Meghan is because they think they might have to support them (really??) And I think they were laughing at the Royals since they were dysfunctional. Well, I came inside today and heard the 1:00 p.m. national news and the Queen gives their departure and assumption of some royal duties her blessing. So who is laughing now?

      3. I have never heard of Saanich, so thank you for sending the link. I wouldn’t blame them for going somewhere with nice weather – they are not going to go to Newfoundland for sure if they’ve seen the news, or a busy city like Toronto. This place looks nice. I can’t imagine them wanting to go to the U.S. either, but I am assuming it is because she was an actress and Americans ASSUME she will make more movies or be in a TV series. I can’t see that happening since they want privacy and normalcy so that is not going to happen then. I didn’t hear until today that they may be stripped of their titles, but according to one newscast, Prince Harry said he wished he had never been born a prince. He is 6th in line to the throne … might as well be happy in your life, as the chances of him being King would be slim to none I’d think. I guess they don’t travel together for that reason so the whole family is not involved in any type of accident and all heirs to the throne are lost?

      4. Saanich is where they were when they decided to stay in BC. A friend suggests that they would probably buy a house over in West Vancouver. Only rich people live in West Van!

      5. I think it is admirable that they gave up a life of Riley to try to be like regular people. They would be sittin’ pretty for life with just their charity and Royal Family obligations. Well at least no one will say “there goes the neighborhood” when they move in. :)

      6. of course I’m speculating here but…… people tend to be very low key so as to not attract attention. They keep to themselves, almost like a financial segregation.
        If Harry and Meghan moved in down the street from me,I bet the traffic would increase exponentially!
        With them moving in, privacy would move out.

      7. More privacy for them, less for you! I suspect they will return there to visit and I’m sure they were surprised that although the Queen “approved” their defection, that their titles and privileges would be completely wiped out. I’m fine with their decision, but think they should have informed the family before hopping on social media … big mistake there IMO.

      8. believe it or not… matter how much money you have or how famous get, in the end ALL are the same! No one person gets along with everybody. The problem is that we raise them up to unrealistic heights and when they show their “humanities” we are aghast!

      9. Yes, this is true – I was surprised the “tattletale story” came out so quickly. I am sure they all have their quirks too – I’ve read many articles through the years about Royal Family protocol – it is just amazing to me, right down to eating a meal together … no one starts to eat before the Queen and when she stops eating, everyone else does too. :) Unique but quirky!

      10. I agree – once he landed in Vancouver last night, that should be it. I heard that someone spotted Meghan in a park with Archie and their two dogs – no mention of security detail.

      11. I’d appreciate them not coming up our way. Just stay hidden away!
        Actually he did not land in Vancouver.He landed in Victoria. North Saanich is very close,20 minute drive.
        A “pestilence” of photographers have flown over from the UK to get shots of them. As long as the shots are taken out in public arenas they can’t do anything about it. Shots of them in their 14 million dollar north Saanich home is another thing totally!

      12. Our news just said Vancouver as they probably didn’t know their geography – $14 million dollar home … guess they don’t have a “starter home” do they? They might want to put up a privacy fence around their home til the novelty wears off that they live there. I remember some controversy with Kate Middleton sunbathing topless on a balcony after she married William – I think it was on vacation, not their residence, but it seems they sued the photographer or his employer.

      13. that house has a very big fence around it.
        Four young women came running down the beach one evening. Three of them stripped down and ran into the water.
        They were on Chestermans beach,a public beach. The one who stayed on the beach while her friends frolicked in the surf tried to stop me from taking pictures. I told her If they wanted privacy they should of chosen a private beach!

  3. I never tire of seeing Eagles here in the Okanagan, but I never get to see them as well as I do here on your web page. Thank you Wayne.
    It has been cold and white here, but hoping it will get warmer and greener soon.

    1. yes, that Arctic low doesn’t discriminate!
      We have the moderating affect of the ocean to keep temps within reason.
      I do enjoy taking shots of Tofino in the snow but do not get many opportunites.
      This was the only decent shot I got for three hours of searching. Ten minutes later the light got snuffed and It didn’t look like it was going to be coming back……so I went back home.

  4. That’s one thing I noticed about eagles when I visited BC. Each time I saw an eagle, its mate always seemed to be close by…if not right beside it. I saw some sitting very close to their nest, and another time I saw them both working on the nest, moving twigs around.

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