We’ve had many wind storms this winter so far! Hardly a sunny day to poke about. If your not into the rain,best to stay home with your book by the fire.

Tofino has become Canada’s hot spot for surfing! The best in the world flock to our small hamlet! One thing that’s very different here is the water temperature! To keep reasonably warm everybody wears a thick neoprene surf suit.

Only experienced surfers need apply during the winters storms!


  1. It is not the surfers who are most impressive (trust me on this, I know). And not the waves either, they don’t stand up to the north shore, et al.
    It is the pure magic of this place where you live, and your ability to capture it, that captures me.
    Good on you. And Happy New Year.

  2. Wow! My late brother occasionally joined his wife’s uncle, a commercial fisherman, on fishing trips. He described some of the storms he experienced on the ocean around Northern California, where he lived, and I thought to myself I’d just as soon stay well inland! Like Nebraska! LOL! That top photo pretty much looks like more ocean than I could tolerate.

    1. I have a small boat (Zodiac 11 foot RIB) so wind is very important! I never go out in rough weather! 20 kph is my cut off point.
      The wind was so strong in that top picture that I had to crouch down so as to keep my balance!
      I can see the kitty boys surfing!……….on second thought I can see them running away!

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