During the winter season we get a lot of Trumpeters wintering over. They fly down from the Yukon. They only stay in very quiet bays. The bears tag team them. When the bears go to bed,the Trumpeters arrive.

In our area Grice Bay is HQ for Trumpeters. There are around 30 to 40 staying in Grice during the winter time. Grice bay is a perfect for them! Nobody ever goes down there…….or very few! In thirty years I have yet to see another person down there when I’m there! People stay away because at low tide the bay empties exposing the mud flats.

Many birds stay down at the end but the ones I’m interested in are the Trumpeters.

So to document the Trumpeters winter stay I have placed a trail camera down there to observe.

Each time I use one of these camera traps the set up is unique. In this set up I hammered a 2X4 into the earth and attached the housing. I need the cover for the camera because of the winters rains!

I think I’ll go back in two weeks time to swap the card and batteries. I never know exactly whats going to walk past?


  1. Soon you’ll be saying “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!” I think this is a great idea and you were able to show us bears fishing and meandering and now videos about the Trumpeters, and which you now can add to former blog posts about their graceful beauty.

      1. Next time you go to collect/swap the card, just for kicks, first put a small sign on a popsicle stick that says “smile and say cheese!” and take a picture of it, then remove the sign before you leave so it does not deter the wildlife from happening by. I hope you have a big variety of wildlife passing through to share with us Wayne.

  2. How perfectly wonderful to have a big flock of trumpeters to come in here, Wayne, and the trail camera is a great idea. And how marvelous that they know to arrive after the bears have hibernated. Looking forward to their arrival. That header photo of Yosemite is spectacular.

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