59 thoughts on “ROMEOBOW

      1. far away from them,its easy…closer up is hard! One word….”panning”. Its a science unto its self. Few talk about it and its very hard to do. Your in one of three categories,too fast,too slow or just right!
        I always tell people to train on Gulls.

      2. I will keep on training then. I have just discovered on Instagram an amazing profile on birds so somehow it is possible to take decent photos even if they are rushing away

      3. the best analogy I can think of is a bicycle wheel.
        Imagine your standing at the hub and the bird is along the rim. Your joined together by a spoke. So you cannot go too fast or too slow! Your in the Goldi Loks zone….just right!
        I have trouble doing it myself! Even when you know what your doing and have done it thousands of times the odds are your going to screw it up but you just may get a gem from time to time and remember the closer you get the harder it is!

      1. The moon I think would give them more light though wouldn’t it? I was not sure of the rainbow as it is basically mist/prisms and their eyes see differently than our eyes do.

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