Technically November is the “Beaver” moon,but because of my lucky shot showing Romeo’s talons silhouetted against a almost full moon,I’m calling November a Talon moon.

Having said that, here is the actual description on a Beaver moon. Click on the dot.       

85 thoughts on “A TALON MOON

  1. Hi, Wayne,

    This is one fantastic shot! Talk about everything being where it should be, eh? Am so glad that it was dear Romeo who made this so brilliant!!!!! Talk about you being in the perfect spot for the perfect shot. Just wow!!


      1. he’s always so obliging to visit! I thought about going out last night but realized I only had about 85 minutes of sunshine left in the day. The sunset did turn out to be pretty good,so missed it unfortunately!

      2. Way too early – wait til December, it will be 4:00 p.m.! I can remember getting out of work at 5:00 p.m. and it was pitch dark. Didn’t worry about it downtown as there were people rushing out of office buildings and heading to bus stops – no worries in those days. Most people who worked in Detroit took the bus as it was expensive to park even for a few hours.

      3. this year might be the last year we change the clocks! Washington,Oregon and California are all doing the same thing. So the entire west coast will have the same time! We still do not which one is going to used,Standard or DST?

      4. Wow – I didn’t know that! Our news is just filled with politics only anymore or bad weather events. I haven’t heard the news all day as they have U of M Football on and then a basketball game at 8:00 – the streaming service is not working, likely too many people made it crash. That is interesting – I know all the sports fans and also people who watch the various awards ceremonies will be happy to hear that, especially since most of those awards events are on a Sunday night and run til 12-1:00 a.m. and the next day is a workday. How do you feel about that permanent time change for going out at night to shoot sunsets? In the Summer you are often up late by the time you get home from a shoot and look at your photos and then post … I notice the late hour in the posting time. They have legislation here all the time to eliminate DST but it never goes anywhere.

      5. People here complain when they have baseball, basketball and hockey games that don’t start until 8:00 West Coast time so they don’t stay up and watch the games (most of our sports teams stink to begin with without staying up late to watch them- maybe they ought to get Mike Babcock back now that the Leafs fired him – since he left, the Wings have really tanked.

      6. ya,three hours is a big difference but that won’t change if we stick to either standard or DST.
        I do not know much about Babcock other than he seems to get fired a lot. He’ll have another job before Christmas I bet and make more millions.
        Can’t feel sorry for someone who makes a lot of money no matter who they are.

      7. I see … I don’t really follow sports, but I do hear the big headlines and it was quite explosive here when Mike Babcock left a lucrative renewal of his contract about 5 years ago to coach the Leafs as they had been such a bad team for years – Babcock said he would take them to the playoffs. Red Wings fans were mad at Babcock, called him a traitor- they said he was egotistical and wanted a Cup win for himself, not the Leafs who gave him a big contract and he has some years left on it – now the Wings fans want Babcock back as the Red Wings are tanking. Sports fans are so fickle- twice this week, college athletes have had to shut down their social media accounts since “haters” are sending vile messages to them. I can’t feel sorry for anyone making millions of dollars either. Why not retire and coach youngsters instead – not everyone thinks like me though.

      8. Canada’s Grey Cup is on today,which is out Super Bowl equivalent. I’m not a big sports fan,too much booze for me. If you were to take booze out of the equation sports as we know it would disappear!

      9. I did not grow up in a sports household – my father never watched sports and I had no brothers … back then only males watched sports pretty much. My grandparents, however, never missed wrestling at Maple Leaf Gardens every Saturday afternoon. If we visited on a Saturday, they were glued to the TV rooting for Bobo Brazil, the Sheik and other cast of characters. The Super Bowl is just a food and drink fest – they watch the commercials more than the game.

      10. I remember that name too and also Bruno Sammartino. I don’t think they ever saw wrestling (or rasslin’ as they called it) live at the Gardens, always on the B&W TV.

      11. Interesting reading the history of Maple Leaf Gardens for wrestling/hockey – thanks for the link. I think my grandfather watched hockey too sometimes, but my grandmother, just the wrestling. I looked down the list – I remember Lord Layton, but not as a wrestler, but a commentator for the wrestling matches.
        I can’t say I remember this guy Whipper Billy Watson and he seems to have been the most famous of all the wrestlers, especially with the charity deeds, even after he was hurt by the freakish car accident. He does not seem so “hulky” as they are either. I don’t think the wrestling back then was as “staged” as it is now. A few times my mom/I watched it on a Saturday night – it came on after the 11:00 p.m. news and they seemed more intent on nearly killing each other and yelling and screaming, much more flamboyant than in the early 60s.

      12. A lot more stomping … on feet and heads (the referees seem to turn their head sometimes). Much more flamboyant too. Of course that could be because it is in color and not B&W!

      13. I have heard of it, and just hopped on Google maps – it is just 76 miles away. Last night I was remembering Dick the Bruiser also … he was from Detroit, in fact, there were a couple of morning FM disc jockeys in the 80s and 90s,and they had a recurring “visit” to their show from “Dick the Bruiser”.
        I remember the person who impersonated this wrestler sounded like him, though most wrestlers talk in a gruff and loud voice with their “threats” to their opponents.

      14. a by gone era to be sure.
        It appears Dick the Bruiser played with the Greenbay Packers. He was injured in the throat which gave him a gravelly sounding voice. That injury came back to kill him later in life. He died of internal bleeding due to this injury.

      15. I just read up on Dick the Bruiser. I didn’t realize the real reason for the gravelly voice – I assumed that he had the voice just like the others, trying to sound gruff and mean. I remember that bar fight with Alex Karras, also well known around here and hearing about it. All these names and all of them gone now.

    1. thank you Sabine! I love trying to get shots of the moon with one of my eagles in the foreground! Most do not work out and even this one is marginal as I found it has too much noise due to the low light/high ISO.

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