My buddy was around tonight! I was so happy to see him flying out to greet me! He’s been gone for several weeks. He went to the salmon spawning grounds.

18 thoughts on “ROMEO ARRIVING

  1. Wow! At first i have to apologize again for the late revisit, Wayne! Really fascinating the images you make. There is wanderlust in the air. :-) Many thanks to Sally with her recommendation for your blog. Thank you so much, and best wishes! Michael

  2. Wow! These are fantastic!! I’d love to draw the third one. Maybe it will motivate me to go to the art store to get some nice paper!

    Sorry for the long silence. Looking through your recent blog posts and loving the photos! So interesting to read more about the eagles’ different personalities. I think you capture a bit of that in your photos. Is Daredevil the only eagle who gets that close to you? And it looks like Romeo and Juliet have a favourite rock to perch on?

    Cheers 😊

    1. yes,The Daredevil is the only eagle I know that enjoys coming close to me! I think he gets a kick out of it!
      I love being close to each of them! Each of them are so different even though they look the same!

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