I placed a trail camera upstream in Tranquil creek Sept 16th. I’ve been recording the goings on for awhile now. Around 1300 30 second videos were taken. I had the sensitivity too high. The camera was being activated just by the water flowing. Also I didn’t think of limiting the shooting time to day hours. So half the videos were shot at night. A black bear at night does not record very well but you sure can see their beady little eyes reflecting back!

Here are 5 videos showing what was going on.

This video shows how bears patrol the stream looking for salmon. Bears are very skittish around each other.You can see one bear hurrying to get out of the way of the other approaching bear.

This video shows a black bear searching for salmon on a beautiful day!

This video shows one bear chasing another bear. When a bear grabs a salmon it will hurry off into the forest. It doesn’t want any other bears seeing it with a salmon as the other bear will most likely charge it trying to make it drop its prize!

This video shows how cooperative the bears are with each other during salmon spawning season. They all have  full tummy’s and so are happy campers! They feel the way you do after a big Thanksgiving meal……….content and not wanting to fight!

This video shows a Sow hurrying off into the forest with a big fresh salmon and cub in tow!

29 thoughts on “TRAIL CAMERA RESULTS

  1. All your efforts sure paid off Wayne … it was good you thought to put that camera there to record the comings-and-goings for the salmon feeding frenzy. The bears did not seem to mind being on “Candid Camera” in the least. The mom and her cub are very cute. They were anxious to get started on that salmon meal.

    1. bears almost always hurry away into the forest with their salmon. They eat most of the good stuff and leave the rest. The salmon decomposes and thus fertilizes the forest floor. After hundreds upon hundreds of salmon are left in the forest all the trees close to a salmon bearing stream grow bigger and faster!

      1. The bears are doing their part to beautify your corner of the world Wayne … the salmon, sadly, are doing their part too (not so fun for them however).

  2. I noticed the water level was much lower in the video of the mom and cub. Is that a tidal effect, or was it higher before due to rain? And I can see why people say our Newfoundland dog, Nelly, looks just like a bear. Except for the tail, of course, and the bears are way bigger.

    1. you have a sharp eye Audrey! This area is above tide. A river breaths like a person. The rains swell the river. Than like a balloon it deflates over a few days!
      Having said that I have video evidence showing the creek turning into a raging river in just 50 minutes!

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