I went out looking for bears today but couldn’t find a single furry ball anywhere!  Than to make matters worse I found that Maggie and Romeo were gone too. I wasn’t totally shocked because I know they’ve all gone to the salmon chow down!

Eagles will leave for a week,come back (to make sure nobody has moved in) for a week and leave again. I’d love to know which streams each of them go to!

The only eagle around was the good old Daredevil! I always love going over to visit with him. He doesn’t sing much but sure speaks with his eyes!

He saved me from being skunked!

48 thoughts on “NOT A SKUNK!

    1. If you were to get close to a eagle,it would be able to feel that from you Robbie.
      What it would do is another question,but I do know If you see them again and again they can become closer.Each is unique just like humans. Some are friendly,some are not so much. I hang around the ones that are friendly. They decide if they will allow you inside their flight zone, and I think they decide because of what they feel from the persons energy.

  1. Thank goodness for the Daredevil saving the day for you. Flying sideways looks effortless when the Daredevil does it! I think he is just showing off that impressive wingspan … “hey, look at me Wayne!”

      1. I was going through his territory once but rushed for time,so couldn’t stop. I saw a shadow in front of me and turned to see him coming in with his talons outstretched! Like I was a rabbit or something! He scared me! I gave him HELL for that! He was upset that I wasn’t stopping. They have attitudes! If I don’t stop he ignores me next time I visit!

      2. Interesting … a temper tantrum for not paying him your usual attention, so you are punished by being ignored. Glad he didn’t catch you unawares with those deadly talons – yikes! (And I thought the only eagle with an attitude was the one who attacked Trump.)

      3. I’ll bet that eagle felt Trump’s presence and that he was being used, placed there for a photo op. I’ll bet the eagle’s handler didn’t expect that wing-flapping and biting to happen. I guess it never dawned on Trump to interact a little with the eagle beforehand, instead, he just just stepped in for a shot. There are a few squirrels at Council Point Park that are terrified of me for some reason. They bolt for a tree, whether there are peanuts on the pathway or not. They stay up there and often climb higher and higher until I am gone. I turn around to see what they are doing – there are still in the tree. I can talk to them all I want – nothing. I don’t know if they are very young or a human has scared them in some way. I have a photo of one of them almost cowering near me, his tail wrapped around his body, not flicking like usual. There were four of us feeding the squirrels at the Park through the Summer. One guy has had a stroke and has not been there in over a month. Another guy is retired, and he/wife travel for weeks at a time and he’s been gone. A woman has been feeding them, one or two peanuts, which is better than none, but she doesn’t talk to them at the same time . I hope to get down there as much as possible to keep them fed and their energy levels up – in the meantime I’ll spoil them silly to keep them humming along.

    1. these pictures were taken with a Canon 5D Mary. My trail camera is a different creature all together.
      I have different trail cameras but the latest one I got seems the best
      APEMAN Trail Camera 16 MP 1080P Full HD
      It records sound as well! Its about $60 but If you have money and want a really good one,try Reconyx. They are the best on the market but cost $600 plus.

  2. I recently went to see a nest I hadn’t been to before. I saw only a juvenile talking a lot as if calling for his parents. A follower of the eagles at that nest told me the juveniles flew off in August and the couple who inhabit the nest aren’t there much. I wonder if the juvenile came back looking for mom and dad. It was a nest on a lake not far from the Hudson River.

    1. Interesting……yes,most Juvies fly off in August. I’ve found they do come back to the nest from time to time to see If mum and dad are around? If the parents stay away that Juvie will move in. Nests/territory are handed down from parent to offspring.
      Usually mum and dad are home. The parents will catch a fish,eat a good portion of it and leave some for their visiting juvie.
      The parents will allow only their offspring into their territory. You can have several generations visiting mum and dad at the same time.
      – please keep me informed Sharon and thank you letting me know!

      1. I pass the lake on the way to work. The parents must still visit the nest from time to time. I did see a pair early in the morning sitting in a tree near the nest as I drove by. I assumed it was the parents. I have stopped a few times now at the lake on the way home, but only saw the one juvenile. With the leaves mostly fallen you can see the nest well from the highway. Thanks for the info. I learn more from you than from others locally. Sometimes I feel I am getting misinformation.

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