Its taken me several years to figure out how to video tape salmon without spooking them! I have created a device I call a “Drift Rig”. Its basically a piece of wood that I have attached a Go Pro to. I simply go upstream of a school and release it. Once released I have zero control over where its looking.

20140113-20121002-20121002-IMG_7030 2

In this short video you will see mostly Chum salmon. Female Chum salmon have a black strip running down their side while the larger ones with purple are the males. There are a few that do not have that black strip or purple markings they are Chinook salmon. They are a prized salmon and so are fished constantly. Their numbers have been greatly  reduced due to overfishing. We’ve had to replenish the stocks artificially through the use of hatcheries. The reduction of this salmon has greatly affected the resident Orcas. There are only 74 of them left! The Residents eat only Chinook salmon. Some have died due to starvation! They get what is called “peanut head”. Which is what happens when their fat reserves are depleted due to starvation.

The Chinook count in Tranquil is always low but this year even more so.

The smaller fish are cutthroat and rainbow trout that have come upstream to eat stray eggs. Everybody chows down when the salmon spawn!

41 thoughts on “SALMON VIDEO

  1. very cool…also I appreciate your narrative about the decline in the fish…also telling…compose another beautiful day Wayne…have fun with your cool new device! smiles hedy ☺️🤓

    1. thanks Hedy! Its a simple device but because I’m not very smart it took me over 2 years to figure it out and make it. Like I’ve said before, these kind of things do not come with operating manuals.

  2. You’ve done it again, Wayne! Super video! I can’t believe how clear it is. Salmon, like many other fish have been overfished for so long that I’m often surprised that there still are any fish at all. Keep up the good work and happy Nature Trails to you! 🐟🦅🐻

    1. thank you Sabine! Yes,we have over fished the oceans so much so that we now grow salmon in ocean pens. Its a necessary evil unfortunately and know this………If we got rid of all fish farms on Earth all those people that were eating the salmon will still want to eat salmon……so where do you think the salmon is going to come from? Yep,the ocean which will only make the stocks drop even more!
      The basic problem as I see it is that there are too many people on the planet. A friend told me that If everyone on the planet became a Vegetarian we wouldn’t have any problems. That may be true and solve the immediate problem but when the population goes up from 8 billion to say…….15 billion. I don’t care if everyone is eating air the sheer numbers will affect the large eco-systems tremendously!

      1. You’re right about the over-population, Wayne! The same could probably be said that all food for all humans would have to be cultivated on land. With climate change bringing droughts, flooding, storms and of course warmer temps it would seem to become more difficult as time goes on. I’m not sure what to do other than trying my best to be mindful about all those issues. In the meantime I appreciate being able to see those beautiful salmon swimming in your area. 🙂

  3. This is interesting Wayne with all the salmon swimming in a synchronized motion. Water that clear is rare here in SE Michigan due to all the industry. It’s amazing to see what lies beneath the surface in this video; these salmon seemingly are unfazed by your recording device. I was surprised to see a little inlet down at Dingell Park (where the eagles nest in the trees and swoop down on the frozen River in Winter time) that is crystal clear. Because of the nearby steel mill and the steam it spews, this tiny area is so clear you can see the orange duck feet – it amazes me every time I see it, especially in Winter as the ice floes are clinking away and here is this one area, no ice, clear as a bell.

    1. I wonder If the bacteria have all been killed off by industrial run off?
      The Great lakes use to be very polluted as well. The Zebra mussel invaded the great lakes! One of the positive affects of this invasion is that they cleaned the waters! The down side is that the mussels have clogged all the intake pipes!

      1. Lots of mussels, you’re right about that and if it’s not that, it’s PFAS or Asian Carp. I think you’re right – the steam is is correcting the polluted water.

    1. Thank you Donna! It was and continues to be a interesting project! Each video is like a snowflake….no two are the same and yet they are all made in the same place doing the same thing. It shows the complexity of Nature and of the infinite expressions.

    1. thank you Lavinia. I observed flotsam coming downstream and the salmon didn’t really move. So I wondered If I could take advantage of that?
      With regards to the salmon numbers,basically the more of us,the less of them and you apply that adage to just about everything of floral or fauna.

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