14 thoughts on “A HERON SUNSET

  1. Beautiful photo of this heron – I’m surprised he is wading in the water as the sun is ready to set; it must be very chilly this time of year! I finally saw Harry the Heron at Council Point Park the other day – he’s been missing since Spring at his favorite fishing spot because the ledge has been submerged in water. Got a pretty good shot of him as he didn’t see me; then he turned around and bolted while screeching all the way down the passage.

      1. I thought the water might be too cold for your heron to be wading around. I guess that was the case with Harry as he was on the landing peering intently into the water (when I so rudely came along and spoiled his catch-of-the-day breakfast).

      2. I saw Harry in the Winter one time … the snow was flying and I was parked under a tree so I could keep the camera dry – Harry was across the Creek and caught a fish, but he was standing on a log. I also saw some ducks this week, so I am glad some of the wildlife is returning after the algae bloom was so thick. I’m going to write about their return this week one day.

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