32 thoughts on “SPIN CYCLE

    1. yes,they are playful and when they are they do not pay attention to whats going on around them. Which makes them dangerous to me! I’ve seen them chasing each other and leaping out of the water very close to me!
      Once one came up right in front of me while I was moving very fast in my boat! I hit its back which acted like a sloped ramp and was sent up into the air! I came back down with a big splash! Had to turn around wet faced and pick up my gas can!
      They just seem to loose touch with reality when they start to do this surface rolling!

  1. First a side-eye glance and then what looks like a cry for help, all to roll over … they saw you and the camera and said “let’s give Wayne something good to take home for his post today.” I like how up close they are!

      1. I like how they look at you though – a kind of disapproving look like “you are interrupting what I am doing here … oh alright, get your shot and move on!”

    1. thanks Jet! He was an elusive fellow. I basically got just a few shots. He really did seem like he was goofing about. They do that for some reason? Its like they are drunk. They are oblivious and constantly rolling about.
      thanks for dropping in Jet!

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