25 thoughts on “SUNSET SNACKING

      1. With them swimming or jumping around would be like when humans say they have “butterflies in the stomach” when they are nervous about something.

      2. I just Googled to take a look at the Puffer fish – wow, that heron’s stomach would be distended until the Puffer fish died. My mom was in the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto from age 11 to age 15. A pediatrician came into the ward where all the kids were and decided to be funny and reached into the big fish tank and grabbed a goldfish by the tail and held it above his open mouth to make the kids smile. Someone called Dr. Dewar or startled him and he dropped the goldfish and it went down his throat to the delight of the kids and to his horror.

      3. That’s for sure – I remember my mom talking about that episode over the years and they were all very sick kids on that floor and Dr. Dewar always tried to lighten the mood for the kids who would be at the Hospital for Sick Kids for really long periods of time. It was unplanned and the goldfish’s mate in the big aquarium was left scratching its head, er gills, why he did not return home.

      4. That doctor was quite young at that time … my mom followed his career over the years from what she read in the newspaper. He eventually went to Toronto General Hospital and had a fancy title there as I recall.

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