27 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET STRETCH

    1. I noticed on the satellite feed that there was a thin cloud covering all day over the entire coast. When I looked outside I couldn’t detect it. After the sunset the afterglow was extraordinary! I’m attributing the afterglow to this thin cloud layer.

      1. There had to be something good after so much rain that kept you from going out on shoots so often this Summer. Our weather is horrid this week – on Saturday it rained all day, yesterday most of the day and rain most of this week as well. Just in the 60s today – tomorrow we are potentially going to break a record that has stood since 1897 (88 degrees).

      2. You’re right Wayne … global warming from the hot air from Washington … I like that! It is very unstable weather. Today it’s warm for one day and supposed to be very foggy. I’ve not looked out yet … too dark yet. I’d walk in the rain with my gear, but after today it will be a chilly rain and potentially stormy. I guess I should be comforted that we don’t have Alberta’s or Montana’s weather.

      3. Yes, Alberta was hit really hard and 60 mph winds in Montana, so likely the same winds in Alberta. Now, I wonder if it will melt before the normal snow season begins? I haven’t heard anything about the snow storm on our news/weather, just impeachment chatter and the Amber Guyger guilty verdict (I just read that whole story and comments on the verdict as I’ve been following the trial) … here in Michigan we’re crowing since we beat the 1897 record high of 88 by going to 89!

      4. Yes, sadly so Wayne – this roller coaster ride of weather here and all across North America … make that all around the world … sure makes me uneasy. I never recall so many disastrous weather events – the snow storm is not devastating like a hurricane or tornado, but so early in the season and packing enough punch to remind us that the weather patterns are out of whack and make us wonder what lies ahead? It also makes me uneasy since these weather-related oddities did not happen overnight, but they must have been subtle enough that no one was noticing them or talking about them (except Al Gore, whom everyone laughed at when he first talked about global warming) or the scientists who talked “geek speak” so no one paid attention … until now.

      5. some people believe that the sun goes through natural cycles. They believe this cycle we are going through is a result of natural patterns and not have anything to do with humans!
        I say even if thats true we shouldn’t be standing around the fire throwing gas on it!

      6. That’s interesting – I had not heard of that theory, but is this the reason why we have so many solar flares now? Humans want to wash their hands of any wrongdoing and just step back and place the blame on nature.

      7. the suns is around 4.6 billions years old.
        In our life we have stages of recognized growth. Childhood,teenager,adult.
        The sun goes through stages as well but because our life is so short compared to the sun we cannot truly appreciate these larger cycles or even have knowledge of them. Having said that there is a known cycle of 11 years. More sunspots appear near the equator on the solar maximum. These sunspots release huge amounts of energy! That energy most certainly does affect earths weather systems!
        I think we are on cycle 24 right now . The peak was in 2014 and so it is decreasing right now.

      8. Thank you for sending this link Wayne and I remember when we had a solar flare a few years ago. The scientists claimed it would affect cellphone towers and microwaves and computers as well … thinking laptops due to the wireless router etc. I don’t think anything happened here to the laptop though I was aware of the story and at the time we were busy at work and I thought – one more thing to worry about. This morning’s news warned of a huge asteroid the size of a house that will soon be out in space but the scientists assure it is closer to the moon than to Earth.
        Great news … if they can be believed and a few years ago there was an asteroid that was the size of a bus swirling around “out there” and that was around the time we had the meteorite hit the ground here in SE Michigan. I heard a noise and it was January, so very dark out and I thought it was someone at the side door because I heard the door rattle. Unnerved me a bit and I have a backyard light (two big floodlights) which, unlike the sensor light at the side and front has to be turned on manually. I ran to the light switch, turned it on, flicked it a few times and was uneasy and went back to what I was doing (computer at the kitchen table) … I checked the crime site to see if any of the thousands of people in my City Crime Forum Facebook site reported any incidents of kids knocking on doors and running away (happens all the time and if people have outside cameras they show pics of the video on the crime site … the latest is taking construction cones and banging on the front doors of homes and running away) … nothing was reported, but people did mention a noise and chatter about a noise but saw nothing, but when I turned on the news at the top of the hours, the local news was flooded with the meteorite sighting and people had video of it burning as it crashed to the ground … it was huge and then a couple of months later we had an earthquake … minor, but an earthquake nevertheless.

      9. never had something like that happen to me Linda. That sounds like it must of been close! The earth gets hit everyday! Lets hope we don’t go the way of the dinosaurs!

      10. Well it was kind of cool after I found out what it was, but in the meantime … what was interesting was the flashes of light. Because I have my metal blinds down 100% of the time, I never saw that and it only happened for a few seconds. Some people who have dash cams on their vehicles captured the flashes as did people who had surveillance cameras in their yards. Here is a link with a couple of small videos showing how it lit up the sky and the “boom” when it hit the ground was equivalent to 2.00 on the Richter scale. The meteorologist that I follow who is so accurate and interested in science as well as meteorology, went out the following day to find pieces – there were meteorite hunters at the site it hit, and what they found in some cases were put on eBay later that day.

      11. Yes, I was amazed at that flash of light and how the whole sky lit up so then understood that the thud was so great to rattle the storm door – amazing!

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