28 thoughts on ““DO I KNOW YOU”?

      1. Yes, keep your distance so you don’t anger the natives … you’re intruding in their domain. You might try to sneak some of their coveted salmon snacks. :)

      2. animals out in the forest do not think that way,only humans do.
        There are many animals out in the forest that run into each other all the time. They share the forest with each other not because they want to but because they cannot do anything about it.
        They probably don’t like the idea of another animal stealing their food however!
        So to them I’m simply another animal.

      3. Well the bears don’t see you bending over to catch salmon with your bare hands so you are not a threat to their food source. The salmon are not something the harbor seals eat, right? They usually retreat when you are close in the boat taking pictures of them from what you have said in the past.
        The salmon are too big for the heron, so the bears have the salmon all to themselves.

      4. actually there are many Harbour Seals hanging around out near the rivers outlet. At high tide they swim upstream to feed,then they leave as the water level drops.
        Eagles grab salmon as well as wolves. Wish I could get a shot of that!

      5. I didn’t know wolves chowed on salmon. I learn something new from you with every post! Yesterday I learned about Puffins. I thought the Harbour Seals would feed on smaller fish for some reason, and maybe I thought that as the fishermen were complaining they were eating all their fish (in net) – I guess it was the salmon. I remember last year’s eagles with salmon in their talons.

      6. In theory a Cougar would grab a salmon as well! Just about everything out there eats the salmon! When a bear grabs a salmon and runs off into the forest to chow down,they rarely eat the whole thing. So other smaller critters chow down on the left overs I’m sure!
        It was Sea Lions jumping into the fisherman’s nets for Herring. We’ve taken all the fish and the Lions are desperate for food!
        A friend told me the reason why the Chinook counts are so low is because all the the big fish are being taken! We are slowly emptying the oceans! Than everyone can stand around in a circle pointing fingers at each other!

      7. You know I never thought of a Cougar eating a salmon but domestic cats enjoy fish, so that sure makes sense. So I was right that it was smaller fish that the fishermen were losing … the herring in the fishermen’s nets. I thought it was the Harbour Seals for some reason. Sure, if the fishermen take all the fish, the Sea Lions will starve. In fact you posted a link here showing how they lost weight and their shape changed. Nope, no one cares – just live in the present and do what is good for you in the here and now and too bad about the rest of the world and the future.

      8. Cougars for me have been as elusive as Sasquatch! If I could get a excellent shot of one with a salmon wriggling in its mouth I’d be one happy camper!…..thats either Cougar or Sasquatch btw!

      9. I think you’d see a Cougar before a Sasquatch, but these two items being the last creatures on your Tofino-area photography bucket list, I say keep the binoculars and camera handy at all times! The Sasquatch, being wishful thinking unless you have an imposter looming in the bushes. Wasn’t there an imposter Sasquatch a few years ago in the U.S.? I just Googled around as I vaguely remembered there being a sighting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and people were all abuzz about it and pictures documented it, albeit fuzzy. I never heard anymore about it though: https://www.freep.com/story/news/columnists/john-carlisle/2016/12/26/hunting-bigfoot-in-michigan-wildlife-refuge/94994016/

      10. If I found a Sasquatch I would have to keep it to myself Linda. If I shared that info the place would be crawling with people trying to get pictures and even maybe shooting them!
        thanks for the link! I will send that onto a friend who is a big time believer.

      11. I agree with you – they’d swarm the area. I don’t know why I didn’t send you the link before when we have discussed Sasquatch – it was big news at the time.

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