The salmon are beginning to stage in their natal streams! So this year I thought I’d try to do something different. Obviously I cannot hang around my favorite stream day after day, week after week.I’d like to…… but cannot.

So I have set up a Trail camera to catch the action. I placed it in a spot where the salmon are forced to expose themselves. They must move upstream to spawn! I picked this spot because they move from a deep pool to another pool above but have to swim over some washboard rapids exposing themselves.

Of course the bears are smart enough to know where the best spots are! The bears wander along the river banks each day searching and hoping that they are in the right spot when one of the salmon makes a break for it!

I too try to be at the right place at the right time but as I’ve said,I cannot be up there all the time. So I’ve set a trail camera up. I will collect the SD card after a month. Wish me luck! Its taken me years to figure this stuff out…….. or maybe I should say “think” I’ve got it figured out. This kind of stuff doesn’t come with a  manual.


    1. yes…If the trail camera power lasts a full month I’m bound to get something!
      The power will be determined by how many bears wander past during the night? That uses the most power as the infrared lights switch on. Black bears during the night tend not to show up very well.

  1. To the bears you are saying “smile, you’re on candid camera!” (But take that salmon out of your mouth first!) You’ll be itching to see what you have captured on that SD card to show us in future posts. Good luck!

      1. You’re welcome Wayne – we can tell you went through a lot of trouble to set it up. Seeing the ladder going from the water up to the base of the tree was a little daunting!

  2. I look forward to seeing those posts, Wayne! I have a camera like that and should perhaps set it out in the yard sometime. I bought it a few years ago when we noticed that a heater vent didn’t work. Somebody had destroyed a ventilation screen in the foundation and then ripped apart the heating pipes in the crawl space. Turned out to be a neighbor’s adopted feral cat! 😉

  3. Great set up, Wayne! The manual, if there is one, should be written by you – it’d be a bloody good read! To steal your pun, I think your plans will bear fruit.
    Saw some bears the past few days, up near Bamfield, a field trip with students. Mostly dry – mostly!

  4. Super idea to try, will the card and battery last a month? That’s amazing! Really like these closeups of the bear with lunch. I imagine how you pursue your photos had evolved immensely since you began.

    1. will the batteries last?…..depends? If lots of bears wander around at night the Infrared lights will turn on and so drain the batteries quicker.
      If there are few night videos the batteries should last. Its a 32 gig card so it shouldn’t fill up but even If it does thats pure gold for me because in that heap that has to be a golden nugget!

    1. it is but I’ve s found out about something that will affect my study.
      A group studying the salmon has been going there everyday to do radio tagging studies. Which is fine in its self but they have a large dog with them. They have set up very close to where I have the camera set up.That dog is going to spook the bears. So I may bot be getting as much as I had hoped? Once they leave each day the bears will come back in. I’m still hopeful I will see some interesting behaviour!

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