16 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET

    1. yes,they do but at the moment they are going to the salmon streams from time to time checking in on the progress.
      So basically September is when they go on vacation after their eaglets have fledged and flown the nest!

    1. I suspect your eagles and mine are doing the same thing…….they fly further north to salmon streams.
      Streams north spawn before us. Alaska was spawning in August and Washington State will be spawning a few weeks after us.

  1. What a gorgeous sunset Wayne! The shape of the eagle’s wings is unique, and especially the middle photo, how the wings appear – was it an awkward landing? Your blog header photo was up close and personal … two eyes staring back at me!

      1. yep,in many ways bears are kind of like Cows. Even though a Cow is much larger than a human they are timid creatures! The same with bears.
        I once was walking up a river (during salmon spawning season) and there were 8 bears blocking me from going upstream. I knew they were more afraid of me and bet they’d give way and sure enough they all scattered and allowed me to pass right through were they all had just been standing!
        Bears do not go looking for trouble,only humans do.

      2. That’s so interesting Wayne – we all have the wrong impression of bears then, assuming they’ll charge at is, mow us over and maul us. I bet if you studied the incidents of that happening they are few and few between, unless the bear is provoked or a female with a cub. Yet people don’t think twice going through Yellowstone and twice this Summer you saw videos online of a herd of buffaloes charging the humans – one case he tossed the little girl in the air and the other the “lead buffalo” charged into the car. People thought nothing of being in a car and just the metal and glass between them and the buffalo is clearly a bigger beast than a bear and runs faster. And look what we discussed many posts ago about how mean a hippopotamus is – I cited the woman from Michigan who was killed while on safari.

      3. Remember that each bear has a personality and so can react differently. It may also have unseen reasons for its behavior Maybe a bad tooth and be cranky or a empty tummy and be grumpy. For the most part bears are very calm.

      4. Yes, that’s true too, so you always have to be mindful of them. But that is the truth for any animal, even a dog. Man’s best friend can turn on you too, given the circumstance.

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