36 thoughts on “MAX’S FRONTYARD

      1. Did this take you long? I’m sure you are a master, and it wouldn’t take you as long as it would others. I have played with photos several times, and it was painful. Yes, practice makes perfect, but I’d rather do without perfection. I’m glad you are good at it.

      2. not to compare directly Anne but as a child learns to ride his or her bike (with training wheels on) you might want to try using a tripod.
        The critical thing is that your picture line parallels your subject matter and you have at least 1/3 overlap! The tripod will hold your camera true as you rotate.
        I took that pano in a few seconds.

      3. I would probably TRIP on a TRIPod. You are in a much higher league than I am, which is why I admire your photos so much. I think I’m an illustrative photographer — taking quick shots to go with a story.

      4. than hold the camera up to your eye and do a practice turn without taking any shots. Than shoot with overlap. Remember what is on the righthand side of your frame and simply after shooting put it on the lefthand side for the next shot. Just be mindful of your actions Anne and it’ll work out fine!

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