1. What an amazing shot Wayne, as is your new header photo. Before “Mini” left the cave she had the mindset to “aim big or go home!” That is a huge salmon – hope she gave a nibble to her friends.

    1. the vast majority of bears do not reside in caves as Hollywood suggests. They den in areas of overturned trees or any place with protection from the elements.
      The salmon looks big because she is smaller than normal. Which is why I called her “Mini”.
      Thanks for the heads up about National Wildlife Day!

      1. I never met “Mini” before – it must have been before I started following you. Well “Mini” had herself a feast. I think the word I should have used was “den” (not cave) and yes, that’s how they portray it on TV. Maybe on “Gentle Ben”? (I know I just dated myself.) You’re welcome Wayne – hey, if you’ve got it flaunt it!

      2. Mini was the best fishing bear I ever came across. If I was with another bear and she came out,I dropped him and went over to where she was.
        She always had a cub that was way smaller than normal.
        Once a large male came out and spooked the cub up a tree which happened to be right beside me. Mini looked at how close I was with wide eyes! I simply backed off slowly…….talking lowly

      3. I wonder why she was such a tiny bear and her cubs were the same way – so the male must have been small as well? I’m guessing that black bears mate for life then since her cubs continued to be small. I’ll bet your eyes got big when the cub scrambled up the tree right next you!!

      4. No,I do not go to this spot anymore as there are two many people! Some of them thought they knew bears better than me and were yelling at me to leave the poor things alone!
        People flock to this spot because its free to watch the bears but now that word has gotten out WAY too many people go down there!

      5. Someone always has to spoil it for others when they know nothing about a situation, nor do they take the time to understand … or care. I’m sorry for you because you understand the bears and they trust you. You have a genuine interest and affection for them; the other people will stand there a few minutes for a photo op, the bears will be bored and just ignore them.

    1. no Jane.that is a male Coho. They for their entire life are silver but when they come into their natal stream the fresh water triggers the “change”. The term is “jacking”. The males turn red while the females stay silver.
      Both female and male Sockeye turn red as well.

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