I never go out when I want,I can only go when Mother Nature invites me. I would go out every single day If it was up to me! I tell Mother Nature what I want and she phones me up when conditions are perfect.

The sky was clear with zero clouds all day and I hadn’t planned on going out as a result. Yes I can go out on these days but prefer to only go out when the clouds are interesting. I call them “Goldi – Lok” clouds. Not too many (as in completely overcast) and not too few (zero clouds),just enough to make it right!

So It was cloudless all day. I went downtown around 5:30 pm and noticed some horse tail cirrus moving in! I went back to my place and checked the satellite feed. It did look like some cloud was coming in but I couldn’t tell how much?

So I decided to go out for a harbour shoot………..meaning no bears.( I did see one but it was way too far away.)

The eagles are molting right now,so are lethargic. I went to see the Daredevil. He was  there and in good spirits! After 45 minutes I said goodnight and moved on.

I went to Maggie’s territory but she was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t surprised. She’s too old to have eaglets anymore. She goes on vacation from time to time. I can never tell whats going on with her?

So I left and went over to see Romeo. I couldn’t find him anywhere as well? I waited for 10 minutes in case he was else where. Turns out thats exactly what happened. He showed up late and perched. He wasn’t interested in anything else. He just came over to say hello and thats it!

So the sun was going down and I had nobody to photograph for sunset? The only thing I could do was go back to see the Daredevil! Which was 20 minutes away! Time was critical at this moment! I couldn’t waste it travelling here and there but had to so as to have somebody to shoot for the sunset.

I made it with 10 minutes to spare. He didn’t disappoint,he never does!

28 thoughts on “REFLECTIVE MOMENTS

    1. yes,I’m almost always in my boat when shooting my eagle friends.
      You being a artist understands how important light is and the main thing that affects the light is…….clouds! Not too much and not too few is a good rule of thumb!

  1. The streaky sky is eye candy for you and we get to reap the results of your diligence to capture it. P.S.: The Daredevil wanted to be the star of the show, not Mother Nature.

  2. I so love your story and descriptions as you speak of each eagle. Very, very beautiful sunset photos. I was trying last night to get some sunset photos. I didn’t have eagles, but the skyline of the city. It was a bit too cloudy though, so I will have to keep trying.

    1. not really,It all has to do with how much time I spend with them. If you spent the same amount of time you’d have a good understanding as well.
      This is the one thing I have over other photographers…..familiarity!
      Famous photographers come here all the time on assignment but they do not get the shots I do because I know them.
      Like everything else in this world the more time you invest into something,the better it’ll be and I have invested hundreds upon hundreds of hours with my fine feathered friends!
      Its been a true life adventure for me!

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