This is my good buddy Romeo.
I combined three pictures of him into one, The shot shows the entry,grabbing and exit a eagle does when it grabs a fish.

They are such masters of flight! The majority of times the eagle will miss but because they hit the fish so hard its stunned! Which gives them enough time to swing around at the top of their curve and descend to pick up the stunned fish! So they miss almost every time on the first pass but are just about perfect in percentage on the second pass.

38 thoughts on “POETRY IN MOTION

  1. Amazing photo especially combined with your information. I have only seen a few strikes when in prince Rupert but have been amazed they can see the fish especially in the lake when flying so high.

      1. a lot of people say that to me Emma. I always say patience is needed for a job one does not like but for me all I do is go out and watch. Its an adventure every time and so is exciting. Time flies by as I search for subject material. Just getting out there is the hard part. I have to carry my boat,engine and gear down to the beach and than carry it back up after.

      1. Nope, nothing like a baldy around here! We did see a red tailed hawk over the highway when we went out to Canmore on Saturday, but that was it. A few more days, then it’s back to the coast – phew!

      2. Heights? She likes jumping up onto something more than jumping back down! I don’t think she’d appreciate the view dangling beneath a flock of eagles!
        Hope all is well with you.

      1. I am and it humbles me! Every time I look over the shots I’ve taken I realize how beautiful it is! I’m so focused on my subject that I do not always realize or understand.

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