Tofino shines in the sun and rain.


hanging around

the beaches

the locals

fine dining out

breath taking sunsets

bring the kids

surfs up!


Romeo and Juliette invite one and all!

73 thoughts on “SHADES OF TOFINO

  1. These are just SPECTACULAR! I am in love with the bear cub in the tree. Would make a wonderful card to share. Congratulations on such an impressive collection that got lots of oohs and ahs from me!

    1. thank you Noelle,that cub was staying up there (and getting bored) because it was during salmon spawning season. There were other bears (BIG) wandering down below looking for for dinner. The cub was just scared and so hung out up there while mommy got dinner but ended up looking more bored than scared!

  2. The cream of the crop of your photos Wayne and the Tofino Tourism Bureau should thank you! I loved all of them, but that pensive Piglet “hanging around” just might be my favorite of the bunch.

    1. thank you Linda! I hadn’t posted anything in awhile. So without forethought I put it together in minutes. It does seem like a tourism advertisement. It was never intended,It just came out that way.
      I do not think that is Piglet? I’d have to look at that shoot more closely.

      1. I like how you did this post Wayne. I thought perhaps you picked some of your favorite photos and it would entice anyone to take a trip to Tofino. How you described the photos beneath them was enjoyable as well. I just figured it was Piglet and you got fairly close to her in a tree.

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