I found Ethel chewing on a Rock Cod. She wasn’t in a sharing mood!

43 thoughts on “ETHEL’S SNACK

      1. That reminds me. There have been stories in the British press about seagulls carrying away a small dog, I for one think they are unlikely to be true because they’d have to use their beaks to pick him up by the scruff of the neck! Classic “silly season” stories, although its’s been silly season here since 2016.

      2. we do have them but I don’t think thats what they are called over here? They could be,but not sure? That term sounds like it originated there.
        We have these things called “Samosa’s”. About the same thing I believe. It may be a Jamaican dish?

      3. Samosas I think are part of Indian food and are fried and spicy. Pasties are from Cornwall and are blander affair with more pastry and are cooked. A bigger and heavier thing.

      4. I checked with a friend who knows more about birds. This is what he said …..

        “They will take anything small enough to get down their gullet, such as birds. This gull probably dropped the poor dog on some rocks to kill it and then devoured it. The dog would have been very small.”

        So it appears that this incident probably did happen but would still be a rare situation.

    1. no offence to your poor kitty Jacquie but why would they go for KD when they have steak all around them?
      Our coastal eagles are very well fed because of living beside the worlds largest supermarket…..the ocean!
      Eagles further inland who cannot visit the supermarket might be so inclined if they cannot find enough food in the pantry.

      1. Soon it will be salmon season and the bears and eagles will be filling their faces on salmon and you’ll be filling your blog posts with photos of them doing so.

      2. It all depends on the weather? Great weather means I can get my shots but If the rains come early I’m screwed! Overcast conditions,poor lighting does not make me a happy camper!

      3. Hopefully you don’t have as much rain as last year – it seemed like you had a lot of storms – rain is bad enough but storms to boot is not nice.

      4. Hopefully no whopper storms where you’re left in the dark. At least no one has to water for a few days and you said you needed the rain to thwart wildfires.

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