I took some friends out on a boat tour today. We had to leave much earlier than normal. I like to leave three hours before sunset as a standard rule,the light is far warmer near sunset.

This is Peggy and Piglet foraging along the shore. Piglet got spooked and ran away at one point. Which in turn made Peggy nervous! She stood up to look around for the danger!

After being satisfied that there was no danger,they both settled down.

39 thoughts on “STAND UP AND BE COUNTED

    1. thank you Lynette!
      To be honest I didn’t like the light. I took some friends out for a boat tour and so left earlier than normal. Not only is the light too harsh for my liking but I was also on the wrong side of the light, which is why their eyes are darkly shadowed.

  1. What a treat for your friends to see – I’ll bet they were excited! I like all three pictures and I see the third one is now the header picture on your blog, but the third one is great with the intense stare by both of them at you.

      1. I know photography is your business, but you should also think about taking nature loving people out on your boat to see these beautiful creatures. I have a feeling you would be AWESOME at it.

      2. I do advertise at the market that I do photo tours. I can take just one person. usually pros are the ones I take. By taking a person with me I’ve found it affects my clarity of mind and they sometimes are in my way of shooting. My boat just isn’t that big enough I guess. I have a second boat that is bigger but its more difficult to get into the water as its heavier.
        If you come to Tofino I will take you out however.

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