The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing is coming up on Saturday July 20. I remember watching the black and white TV images and holding my breath! Very few moments in human history have had so many people doing the same thing at the same time!

The Eagle landed in the sea of Tranquility on July 20th,1969. The Apollo 11 crew were  Neil Armstrong,Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Armstrong and Aldrin went down to the surface while Collins stayed in the Columbia orbiting the moon.

My eagle friends and I salute all of the good souls who worked so hard to make this remarkable achievement!

71 thoughts on “THE EAGLE HAS LANDED

      1. yes! In a heart beat!
        I once was at the Aviation Museum in Ottawa and secretly went into a area off limits to explore around. I came across one of the re-entry capsules used. I forget which one? It was all blackened and scored from the intense heat. I opened the hatch and looked in. It had been gutted but I felt how vulnerable it would of been!

      2. yes,but is that capsule any different than you driving through the desert in your car?
        If your car breaks down your goose is cooked……but than you have other people driving past who could help you. Not many tow trucks up in space.

  1. I will never forget the first landing on the moon, no matter how long I’m gonna live. It was breathtaking. After landing the astronauts took a rest, and I walked through the streets of my little home village and thought, that this world will completely change after this day…

  2. What a great post, Wayne! I remember that very first moon landing well! Our entire family got up in the middle of the night to watch it on our tiny black & white TV. Hard to believe it was so long ago! And your photos are fantastic!! 🙂

  3. You must be a bit older than me, Wayne, because I can’t remember it, although my big sister says she took me out into the garden to look at the moon, I would have been 15 months old.

  4. You are right Wayne – we were all spellbound by that mission and the lunar landing, just as we are by your photos, especially a series of eagle shots like these!

      1. And that’s interesting because Kennedy and the moon landing both happened in the U.S. but maybe because these were events that were newsworthy in North America. I was still living in Canada when Kennedy was shot – in fact I wrote a post about it on the 50th anniversary because I remember it came over the loudspeaker (PA system in the school) that he had been shot. We were all quiet and our teacher said a few words to us and was visibly shaken. We went back to our schoolwork and I remember we had a moment of silence as a result of his death.
        We watched the funeral on TV.

      2. I just looked to see if Kennedy Space Center was named before JFK died – it was, it was built in 1962 and he died in 1963. I think it would be fun to be there today as I’m sure they have alot of celebrations. I read or heard on the radio a few weeks ago that they were recreating “Mission Control” room to look like it did in 1969, right down to the ashtrays, packs of vintage cigarettes, cups/glasses from that era.

      3. I think If one had been involved in that project and were in the Control room,being there today would appear hollow compared to the real thing.
        Just the cigarette smoke alone would be permeating throughout the room! Not to mention the collective nervous energy!
        That stuff is palatable!

      1. Yes it is! I remember it like it was yesterday, glued to my black and white TV. Eagles represent so much. They are beautiful.

  5. Wayne – I was looking for a page one of “The Detroit News” to use in my blog post about the moon landing and saw this info – you have to scroll down a little, but you’ll see the specifications of the camera settings for the photographs taken, film, what kind of camera, what became of the camera and how much it was – wow to that fact considering it was 50 years ago. I thought you’d find it interesting:

      1. Yes, I thought that was odd too, especially since it cost so much – that’s a lot of $ now, but especially then. And what about the moon dust on their boots/spacesuits? Did you use that camera in conjunction with geology studies/job or just for general shoots or as a hobby?

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