Peggy has a new cub this year,so I’m calling it Piglet III. Its her third cub. I do not know the sex but suspect another female? She was being shy. She was using Peggy’s body as a shield. She eventually came out from behind mum and than she promptly walked into the forest without saying so much as a polite goodbye. Such a short debut!

Such a little darling!

30 thoughts on “PIGLET III

  1. Piglet III is as cute as her older siblings! I love the shy look she is giving you, not wanting to scurry away right away as she is so curious. Don’t you wonder if Peggy communicates somehow to her cubs “hey, no worries … that guy is okay as he just wants to take our pictures so he is a friend, not a foe.”

    1. she does sort of…….If she thought of me as a threat she’d warn her cub right away and off it would go up a tree in a hurry but by her not sounding the alarm the cub gets the message that mum is ok with this strange animal!

      1. How do you think she communicates with the cub if there is impending danger to climb up a tree? Nudge the cub toward a tree? The mum would fight any predator anyway, even if the cub didn’t get to safety fast enough. Peggy and you are long-time friends.

      2. she does a series of specific grunts! The cub will either run up the closest tree or run into the forest to find a good tree with mum following close by. Nobody out there wants to fight and tries hard to avoid it. A fight could mean death!

      3. Interesting – I often wondered … you’ve never mentioned bears making noises (at least since I have followed you) … probably because most of the time they are fishing or eating grass or looking at you intensely.

      4. That would be a purr of contentment I’d think wouldn’t you Wayne? Like a cat and I would not have thought a bear would purr either. If they are in a safe haven and alone with their cub and no fears, it makes sense.

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